Step up your spring with the trendy new, comfortable shoes

If you’re ready to fling yourself into spring and want to find something new and comfortable when it comes to fashionable shoes, you’re in luck. From Mary Jane style shoes to athletic sneakers, manufacturers are answering that need with a wide range of trendy options.

For example, Rockport has come out with some new styles that are so light, you’ll feel as if you’re walking on clouds. Among them is the Moreza Mesh Mary Janes. Whether you’re taking yoga or heading out with the puppy for a stroll, they’re machine washable and have a removable foam footbed. The style eases fatigue both in your feet and legs, thanks to the truWALK Architecture. In addition, ADIPRENE® by Adidas sports technology makes you comfortable even if you have a job that requires standing on your feet all day long.

Then there’s the Vionic Shoe brand, which includes a variety of active sneakers and flats for luring you into the great outdoors in spring 2016. Mary Jane styles remain trendy this year, and bright is better. With that in mind, the Action Sunset Mary Jane comes in a variety of colors that will perk up your spirits just as the sporty shoes keep you going. Lightweight, with a combination of orthotics designed by a podiatrist and attractive style, you can wear it anywhere, from the office to the playground.

One concern that many shoppers have about looking online for shoes is the fit. Make sure not to sacrifice the fit for fashion by looking in retail stores for comparable (or the same) models. Many times the best option for you is online, but by taking the time to try on similar shoes in the “real world,” you can avoid the frustration of getting shoes that don’t fit and having to return them. In addition, if you’re searching for shoes to go with a specific outfit, be sure to check out the varying colors to ensure that you have the best match possible. That will put a real spring in your style step.