How to chase the strategy to spend less money

Follow the strategy to spend less money. This is a free resource for strategies and advice to saving more. If you be keen on finding discounts, cheaper prices, plus whatever thing that will help you to save extra and be much thrifty, then you are at the right place to help you seek them out.

# Do you find that there are more bills than you can afford at the end of the month?

# Do you wonder where all of your pay has gone?

# Do you experience like you have no command over your budget or finances?

# Does it feel like your paycheck runs through your fingers like water in a bucket full of holes?

# Do your debts seem to take forever to pay off, or worse, are they getting bigger?

We could all do with habits to have additional, in addition to there are numerous ways to do that. You can gross more; spend a reduced amount or a combination of the two.

Save Now

Explore this blog, there are all kinds of ways to start saving right now, all you have to do is start using them.

Consider this, if you drank one less bottled soft drink per day, you would have $30.00 extra a month, and $365.00 extra a year! Hey, it may not sound like much on a daily basis, but on a monthly basis it’s a nice dinner once a month, and on a yearly basis, well… that’s a car payment and in some cases, maybe even a house payment! You can make your money stretch a lot further if you think about how you are using your money.

Most people waste more

What do they waste?

# Time

# Money

# Energy

Time was listed first because it is our most precious resource. And since, like they say “Time is money” it has a place here. Now there are only 24 hours in a day, no more, no less. After taking away 8 hours for sleeping, 8 more for work, 1 hour for commuting, that leaves 7. And after you get ready for the day, prepare and eat your meals, you have 5 hours left, and so on.

By now I think you can easily see how your day can get eaten up an hour or two at a time. But what if you could spend less time, get things done more efficiently? Say in half the time.

Money, we use it to do just about everything we want. On a daily basis, we spend money for all kinds of things, to the point that we have taken buying many things for granted, it has become a habit, we do it without thinking about it.

Advertisers do their job well, throughout the day we buy soft drinks, candy bars, fast food mostly due to advertising and out of habit. The bad news for most is that they’ve let it get out of control, but the good news is that it can be turned around, and this site will help you to spend less money or save more money however you want to put it.

Energy is what you use to do anything and everything in your life from putting on your clothes, to eating a meal, to thinking about vacation plans. It affects both your time, and money which is why it is listed here. You use it for everything, and like time and money…it can be wasted, and also like time and money, that wasteful habit can be changed.