13 General Men’s Fashion Tips

In this article, we are going to learn 13 men’s fashion tips. These are general rules not specific to any occasion or dress. However, these little things can make you stylish.

  • Always go with a 2 button suit as an option. There are suits available with more and fewer buttons but if you go with two button suite you’re always going to be in style
  • Big baggy pants make you look short. Big baggy pants are never recommended unless it is the requirement of dress code or particular theme party.
  • Big bulky shoes make you look like a dumb.
  • Match your Tie knot to your collar size. If you have a bigger collar, tie knot should big and with small little pointy collar small little-pointed knot. This is a vital men’s fashion tip for office or interview environment.
  • This tip to do with accessories. One Ring per hand. Don’t wear multiple rings on a single hand.
  • Jeans with bling on the pocket are no longer in fashion now.


  • Avoid shirts with big bold logos. Unless you are with your friends on a casual day its fine but shirts with big logos and pictures are not generally recommended.
  • Dress belt and dress shoes should match in both leather color as well as finish. It is a general rule and appreciable to almost all types of dresses and occasions.
  • It is very important for suit shopping to size down. Try the smaller size first. If the sales associate helps and measures and tells you, you’re a 44, then try the 42. This trick is going to give you a better a better-fitting jacket. Try smaller first, if it’s too tight you can always size back but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.
  • Never try to match a black sports coat with black pants. It doesn’t work. Sometimes we have a coat and we just want to buy a matching pant to make it a suite. Never do this because it’s almost impossible to find an exact match.
  • Sunglasses need to come off your face upon entering a building. It should come off no matter what kind of building it is. Wearing sunglasses inside a building make you look like a total douche
  • Another important men’s fashion tip is, doesn’t wear a dress shirt untucked. Dress shirts by default are made to be tucked in. If you want a dress shirt to be untucked you should search for a one that is costumed or modify it with Taylor. However, a straight dress shirt is going to be long and never to be untucked until modified.
  • Funny ties just aren’t funny. Unless it is a theme party and somebody specifically tells you to wear a funny tie then it’s okay but if you’re just wearing it as a statement it’s not funny.

If you have any unique ideas please share with us.