Highly recommended Face Mask and Color Correcting Cream

Umbrian Clay Mattifying mask by Fresh

I have been using this Umbrian Clay Mattifying mask by Fresh and I am loving how my skin feels and how my pores appear smaller! It makes my face looks and feels smooth. Although this may be a bit pricey, it’s well worth it! The Umbrian clay itself contains a high mineral content that works to neutralize acidity, purity and clarify the skin’s complexion. For those who have redness on their face, this mask also contains sandalwood oil, chamomile flower and lavender water which helps to calm and soothe the skin – highly recommended!

For those who haven’t heard about the Fresh brand (because I haven’t before this), it is a U.S. brand dedicated towards beauty and the use of natural ingredients for face and body treatments. Simply search it up if you would like to know a bit more.

Must Have color correcting cream from L’Oreal

I was introduced to this color correcting cream from L’Oreal so I thought I should give this a try and let me tell you that this is a MUST HAVE essential for those of you that have dark circles underneath your eyes! It really helps reduce those dark areas. I naturally have dark circles underneath my eyes (genetics) but it gets worse whenever I’m up late at night. I have gone through quite a few concealers etc, but none of them works quite as well as this does! Although it doesn’t completely disappear, it does reduce the dark effect and tones out the area, giving you a more even complexion. There is also one that reduces redness of your face. Perfect for those whose face tends to heat up and go pinky-red! I think need to stock up on this asp!