PST Merge – Best Tool to Combine Multiple Outlook Files

PST files are flexible to an extent that even the data of an orphan Outlook data file can be made usable all over again by integrating it to a configured profile. In order to do so, users are presented with a number of third-party applications. Outlook PST Merge is one of these tools that claim to offer customized solution to combine multiple Outlook files into one. The application has a decent reputation in the online market dealing with software applications. PST Merge has been tested out of which the following review is generated for portraying the product’s market worth.

The Good

  • You can merge unlimited data with the application. The application supports both ANSI and Unicode type PST files. therefore, it imposes no file size limitation. PST file to be merged can be of any given size.
  • Multiple merging options are featured. You can either merge the complete files or join matching folders with the Merge and Join PST options respectively. Moreover, the application also features an option to combine just the contacts from processed PST files leaving out the rest of the data.


  • Complete data PST files are a collection of data, which makes it storage of contacts, calendars, and other personal data apart from emails. PST Merge ensures that each of these data is carefully merged into the respective storage within the file.
  • Data exclusion is featured. With the featured tool, you are offered yet another added benefit that lets you get a customized output by excluding the unnecessary set of data from being merged.


The Bad

  • No preview of the data file contents can be attained. PST file merge tool lacks a preview panel. Therefore, you will not be able to view the contents stored within the processed PST files.
  • No data filtration The application does not feature an option that lets users filter out what is necessary to be merged and what is not. Therefore, customization is slightly lacking in this case.
  • The tool is dependent on Microsoft Outlook. The featured application is not a standalone and thus, requires the installation and configuration of Microsoft Outlook on the performing machine for processing the PST files to be merged.
  • The report cannot be saved. The report generated by merging PST files is only displayed on the software panel. It cannot be saved on the machine for future references of the PST files merged.

The Conclusion

PST Merge software is a capable solution for keeping your Outlook data file contents organized in a combined storage. The support for both PST file types ensures that the application is for universal users and isn’t bound by limitations. However, a certain number of drawbacks associated with the software make it slightly non-customizable. Nevertheless, the featured options are so good at supporting the merge process that they outshine and steal away the limelight from over the cons of the product. On an overall basis, Outlook PST file merging procedure is offered with sheer convenience with the help of this product and thus, it can be rated 9 out of 10 for the best in class features offered and a bonus 0.5 rating for the productively designed freeware trial edition.