Uric acid disease (Gout) can lead to joint pain, causes and symptoms

Uric acid or gout disease suffered by many parents. This disease can cause joint pain keyword. What are the common symptoms of gout and know the cause below? Although not categorized as a dangerous disease, but Gout (uric acid) is very disturbing your activities. Sometimes you experience joint pain, accompanied by remarkable changes in skin color to be swelling.

At the beginning of gout attacks do not disrupt your life, but as you age, the attacks become more frequent and worse. In the next stage of your gout disease can cause abnormalities in multiple joints, especially the joints of the lower leg. Chronic gout is often referred to as “Arthritis Gout” is a disease that attacks the joints to cause inflammation.

Arthritis Gout occurs due to disturbance of uric acid that is not treated immediately, causing deposition of crystals of monosodium urate (MSU). MSU attack occurred on the network, especially the joints.

Why does this occur?

In general, every person has the uric acid levels, because the third intake of foods containing purines and the remainder resulting from the body’s metabolic processes. Purine is a substance naturally found in the body’s cells. Purine substance was also found in nearly all foods. When cells in the body die (regeneration), the purine substances also were damaged. Uric acid is formed from the breakdown of purines. In normal circumstances serve to uric acid as an antioxidant and helps prevent damage to the lining of your blood vessels.

But for some people, have had more than the normal amount of uric acid, causing health problems. Some diseases can also trigger a certain amount of uric acid, such as hypertension, blood cancer, and hyperlipidemia. Another thing that the cause is genetic.

Causes of excessive uric acid

7 mg% Pada Pria dan >6 mg % Untuk Wanita ( menurut WHO pada 1992 ).”>Hyperuricemia (uric acid levels) in serum> 7 mg% in men and> 6 mg% for women (according to the WHO in 1992). Circumstances where hyperuricemia (uric acid levels in the blood than normal) ongoing and will result in supersaturated uric acid in the extracellular fluid. This will lead to the formation of MSU in the joints.

Common symptoms

Symptoms of the common symptoms that are often seen, such as:

  • The occurrence of joint inflammation. It usually occurs in the joint area of the foot but is settled in one joint (monoarthritis).
  • Get the first sign of a change in color of the skin becomes red, then swelling, and ultimately the patient is not able to run perfectly. At the beginning of the attack has a long time interval. But over time, becoming more frequent.
  • The most common attack is at the base of the toes. But if it continues to attack other areas, such as knees, elbows, ankles, wrists.


1. When there is swelling, you should rest.

2. Went to the doctor to get medicine so that complaints do not continue. Doctors typically provide non-steroidal anti-inflammatory keyword drugs or corticosteroids.

3. Controlling the levels of uric acid with a low purine diet, uric acid-lowering drug.

4. Lead a healthy life by not eating foods that may exacerbate the amount of uric acid, such as:

  • Liver, kidney, brain, heart, lung, other organ meats, shrimp, mussels, clams, sardines, herring, meat extract (shredded, dried beef), yeast (tape), alcohol and food in cans.
  • Beef, shellfish, dried beans, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, kale.

5. We recommend you keep eating foods trigger gout, but with a very small amount (only for a nutritional supplement).