How to stay secure online while going on the web

The Internet has become very close to the lives of modern world people. Unfortunately, nobody’s safe when they get connected to the Internet. You are exposed to a wide variety of threats and if you don’t take necessary measures to defend yourself, you will end up with trouble. Here are some effective tips that can be followed to be safe when you are connected to the Internet.

One of the easiest methods available out there for the hackers to steal information is to grab a batch of username password combinations. They simply obtain them from one source and apply somewhere else. In other words, the hackers would attempt to use those details in major email services and banking sites. The most convenient method available out there to stay away from this hassle is to use unique passwords for all your logins. If you find it as a difficult task to keep all the passwords in mind, you can seek the assistance of a password manager.

You might get connected to the Internet via public Wi-Fi networks. If you are using such a public network, you need to get a VPN and use it. A VPN has the potential to create a secure connection between the internet browser and web server. Encrypted data will be transmitted in between these two parties and nobody will be able to get access to your sensitive information. Rocket VPN is one of the most popular Free VPN application that you can download from Google PlayStore and App Store.

It is better if you can turn on two-factor authentication to strengthen online security. It can be a pain in the neck at times, but it has the ability to add an extra layer of security to your accounts. Most of the online services such as Dropbox, Evernote and Gmail offer two-factor authentications for their user accounts.

We tend to use credit cards to make online purchases. When we are using credit cards, we need to get disposable credit card numbers and use them to stay away from hacking attempts. The payment processing systems used by credit cards are outdated and they are not secure at all. Since that is not your fault, you need to use disposable credit card numbers when you purchase something over the Internet.

You should also use different email addresses when you create different types of accounts. This will assist us to create unique identities for different purposes. For example, if someone hacks your business email account, he will be able to get access to your Facebook account as well. That’s why you need to create separate accounts for different needs.

Most of us use the internet in order to communicate with others. The Instant Messaging applications hold a prominent place behind the above-mentioned fact. However, we need to be careful in order to use a secure instant messaging app such as Kik Online for our communication purposes. This app can easily be installed on any computer without much hassle and its user-friendly interface would assist you to chat with the people you prefer.