What is GIT, Why to Use and How to Install it

What is GIT

Simply git is a tool which is used in web development but not just a simple tool its one of the most popular git revision control and source code management system which keeps all the old and new versions of code and track who changed the code when changed the code and what part of code developer changed and also can see commit log to know why he changed and why he made that changes in code. Git was initially made by Linux Torvalds for Linux Kernal development.

Why to Use Git 

There are many tools available in tbe market right now like Git to revision control and SCM (source code management) but why Git is most popular? Well the reason is:

  • Git tracks state, history and integrate of the source tree
  • Git keeps old versions for you if some developer did any mistake in code then you’ll always have the previous version to fix it
  • Multiple developers can work together, once they write code in their local machine and commit it then other developers can pull it easily.
  • Large developers community and online websites to upload your source codes or get others source codes to make your work easier
  • Lots of software available for both who comfortable with command line and for others GUI tools
  • Easy and clear documentation to get started with
  • Git will not use much bandwidth you don’t have to connect with your server always you just need to connect to push code when you are done

Make Your Git Account Today With:

  • Github.com
  • Bitbucket.org
  • Beanstalkapp.com

How to Use Git:

First, register your account with any of these websites and install git client from msysgit after installing msysgit search Git Bash and open it.

Now, your git bash is open which looks a bit like command line you can do it with command line also but I prefer git bash it looks little better than the command line. first of all, check if git is installed in your system or not so first write command in git bash to check your git version.

git —version

if above command returns version name then it means that your Git is successfully installed now you have to generate ssh key to remotely access your git account.

Once you generate it to copy your public key from User/youruser/.ssh/ida_rsa.pub open file in notepad, copy whole text and paste it on GitHub server in ssh section.

After this step, you are almost done you just need to configure some variables and how to clone, pull and push codes in the repository I’ll explain in my next article, this article is just for basic understanding and initial starting with git.