Why Should We have A Twitter Account?

Having a Twitter account is taking fashionable. The number of Twitter users continues to grow day by day. However, women are much less on Twitter as they are on Facebook. Many people have turned to Twitter as their first source of information, and it’s a place where deliberation of the latest topics including politics, culture, and society occur. You’re missing something if you’re not on this social network. Don’t you have an account on the Twitter social network? We are going to share a dozen of reasons to login and join.

Reasons: Why should we have a Twitter account?

Get information instantly

If you like to be informed with the latest news, Twitter is definitely for you. Being a real-time network, it shares information all the time and you can find out what’s happening around the world before getting on any other medium. Today, many journalists have an account on Twitter and you can expect news of newspapers, magazines, celebrities and any channel that interests you in one place. In addition, you may participate in the TT or “current issues” for speaking by all means.

As an anonymous

Many times you do not like joining another social network because you don’t want to manage another channel of communication plus contacts. In Twitter over 70% of users only use it as a source of information. Thus, you could use a visualize name to be anonymous, just follow all the accounts that interest you, without sharing personal information.

Become a leader

In Twitter content is the most valuable and dedication thing, you can make thousands of people read and be a leader in your area. Bloggers, fashionistas, psychologists, writers, actresses, technophiles and women of various professions achieve popularity via Twitter.

Have “online support”

More and more brands have support via Twitter and responses are usually faster than by other means. Queries or complaints through the social network are visible to the public, but a bad reply can affect online brand reputation. The cell phone companies is an instance of the most used online media.

Follow your favorite characters

Many celebrities have very active accounts on Twitter, and you can find out immediate response regarding everything. Actors and actresses, sportsmen and politicians are increasingly being added to the “Twittermania”, and many of them respond very kindly to comments of their followers.

Make new friends, new contacts

Twitter allows you to interact with many people around the world. In addition, by sending friend requests not be necessary, just follow or unfollow accounts links are created quickly. Twitter users usually connect several times a day, as the Smartphone is the typical best device to do it. If your guy is a twitterer, you can follow and send messages to him in real time.

Advertising platform

If you use the appropriate keywords, you will find appropriate results, hit them with the hashtag to make more appropriate. Twitter can become a powerful advertising platform for you. Corporations and humble entrepreneurs use Twitter to post job seeking professionals from various sectors including design, programming, and management of online communities. Other ads are very frequent to sell second-hand items by private parties, such as laptops, mobile phones or cameras.

Platform for advice

Finally, Twitter is also very effective as a platform for advice, such as “What is the safest antivirus for PC?” “Do you know any hotel well located and not expensive in Prague?” “Which eBook reader you will recommend me? You can get answers of all your quarries.