Seychelles is a land of dream beaches in East Africa

The Seychelles is a group of numerous islands positioned in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar, spread over the deep blue sea. This archipelago with paradise forests and dream beaches is an exotic and exclusive land of the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean destination.

Seychelles is a land of dream beaches in East Africa

There are 115 islands that are made up of granite and coral Seychelles. Out of these 115 islands, 41 inner islands are granitic islands, the oldest ocean of land. While other 74 make the 5 groups of coral reef atolls and islets that are the outer islands. The islands have white sand beaches and tropical forests as well as shimmering waters surrounding with pristine coral reefs, tropical fish, and diverse marine life.

The site also has the flavor of the mixed culture. There exists local successive colonization system. People here mostly speak Creole, French or English. The main source of foreign currency is tourism.

The towering palm trees complement the rustic lodges that overlook this remote and unspoiled place where you will feel in paradise. The Seychelles archipelago consists of numerous islands, but the main destination is Mahé. Its capital is Victoria, the only city in the archipelago, located on the island Mahé and inhabited by one-third of the population. Mahe has 70 beaches, but most resorts are grouped towards the north in the area of Beau Vallon. Praslin is its another island. This spot is a destination for lovers of snorkeling. Its center area encloses an extra attraction: Valle de Mayo, a natural botanical garden, and UNESCO heritage, where trippers can observe examples of giant turtles.

Seychelles is what is known as a tropical paradise. The unspoiled islands with beautiful beaches and a sea with excellent conditions for diving enthusiasts always welcome the visitors. It has a tropical climate with temperatures that annually between 25 and 30 ° C.

There’s a wide variety of accommodation in the Seychelles, and you can choose from rustic lodges, luxury lodges or five stars hotels to stay. These accommodation best suits your needs and budget, and offer a trip to enjoy a holiday in the Indian Ocean with an African safari.

The islands offer all kinds of aquatic activities, include diving. The diversity and quantity of marine life are truly exceptional, make a huge aquarium imagine clear warm waters.

Colorful reefs with populated octopus, crabs and turtles are found at shallow depth in the inner islands. It is also possible to dive on wrecks in the middle of groupers and stripes, or even appreciate the majestic whale sharks that regularly visit these waters. Seychelles is an isolated place that promises adventure and still a natural beauty without human intervention.