Top 10 Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Rock At Candy Crush

Candy crush is definitely one of the most played games. It happens to be one of the most downloaded games in the last year (on android, iOS, and facebook). This good looking game that is quite similar to Jewel Mania has been occupying a good number of people’s time. This addictive game expects you to unleash matching candies that will deliver powerful blasts. Here are some important candy crush tips that will help you cross levels faster than ever:

Begin at the bottom: Crush candies at the bottom since a good number of candies on top will come cascading down giving you plenty of free moves. IN this process you could end up having more combinations of matching candies that will crush automatically.

Figure out the patterns: Recognize and redo moves, this will help you wipe out candies faster and push you to the next level faster. This is just what will earn you a special candy or a sprinkle donut without too much effort. The closer attention you pay to the patterns, the better you would know which pattern leads to what special candy and this will help you make the right moves.

Pick the combos: The best combinations are that of the stripped candy and the wrapped candy, and the stripped candy and the sprinkle donut hole. When crushed in this combination, they can virtually wipe out almost half the board. At level 181, this is a must move. When you crush by swapping wrapped candies, they can as crush a 6 by 4 square easily.

Clear out jellies lined on the edges: The jellies on the edges and the corners are the toughest to clear out since they get very few combinations; make sure you watch out for combinations to clear them.

Wipe out time bombs: Clear them out as soon as you get a chance, don’t wait. If any one of them explodes, the game will come to an end so make sure you clear one as soon as you see it.

Crush locked candies and licorice as soon as possible: When you see a row of stripped candies, use them to clear outstripped candies fast.

Analyze the threats carefully: Wipe out all the evil candies in the priority of the evilest ones first. For instance, crush the bombs at low numbers first, then the chocolate candies and then the blocks when you see all of them in the pattern.

Closely study the board before making your moves: Many of the levels are bound by moves rather than by time, so you definitely have a good amount of time. Make sure you spend some time studying the board closely and strategize your moves.

+5 candies are helpful: Make you make a long crush chain of +5 on any level possible. This will add about 5 seconds to a time limited level.

Get a hang of the chocolate: Make sure crush chocolates as soon as you see them if you don’t be sure they re-appear on the next level. Even though they absorb bombs, they prevent special candies from appearing.

These simple tricks are sure to get you to the higher levels in no time.