Cancun’s attractions that grab traveler’s attention

Cancun is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico. Here I’m sharing what places traveler might know or how could have fun and live a wonderful experience at this stunning destination.

Places to visit during the day

Cancun is one of the places with more daytime attractions throughout Mexico because of its warm climate and beautiful beaches that are ideal to wandering around any time either for hiking or water activities.

Water Park

One of the most popular entertainment sites of Cancun is a water park with regular pools, wave pools and water slides that encourage the family vacation. One of its advantages is that it is located in the hotel zone of Cancun, so you will not have to travel a long way to go.

Garrafón Natural Reef Park

The Garrafón Natural Reef Park is a beautiful place where you can engage in snorkeling, diving, and boating. You’ll love strolling through a so quiet and pristine place; it is certainly a destination not to be missed.

Laguna Nichupte

This lagoon is connected to the Mar Caribe through two channels and consists of seven lakes where you can do sports like kayaking, Jet Ski or boat rides. It is a beautiful site surrounded by mangrove vegetation.

Pirate Show Cancun

This is one of the most famous shows of Cancun as it is done in a boat and it’s not only a show but you can enjoy  buffet food, music; here you can go to the disco of this pirate ship. The show is presented by day is a nice opportunity to have fun with your family and enjoy the sea and a quiet ride.

Diving with Whale Sharks

In the summer whale, sharks visit the coast of Cancun and this allows visitors to admire them and swim with them. There are many tours that include this ride which allows dive surely with one of the most beautiful, large and peaceful shark species.

Museum Maya Cancun

It is one of the most famous museums in the country as it has over 3,500 pieces distributed in three rooms. It’s your chance to learn a little more about the culture and history of Cancun.

Wine Pairing at Xcaret Cellar

An awesome place where you can learn about the more than 157 varieties of wines and the history of over 400 years of winemaking in Mexico, all narrated by an expert sommelier. The cellar is located six feet underground and is a magnificence place to go.

Cancun Underwater Museum

The Cancun Underwater Museum is wonderful that will astound your eyes, consists of more than 400 life-size sculptures that create artificial reefs intended to be inhabited by marine life. The water is so clear you can admire all the artworks while diving.

Craft Market

This is a very traditional place in Cancun, here you can see handicrafts at this area and buy some souvenirs for your family, folk clothes and decorative elements; moreover, it is a very affordable place where you will have a great time.


The Ball is one of the most famous Mayan rituals, represents the origin of the universe, also gave political and military and legitimacy credibility. Today in Xcaret, a special representation is made to teach visitors tradition as a source of entertainment, that’s a show that you cannot miss.


This is one of the archaeological sites most visited in the area and is characterized as the period of decline of the Maya. It was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. In addition, there is a sacred natural well of 60 feet in diameter where bids for the Lord of Rain, Chaac were made.


This city is beautiful and impressive, is known as the “Walled City” due to walls that surround it, and even in ancient times was called Zama which means “Dawn” in Maya. The internal walls are decorated with gray and blue paint.


Here are some of the least explored ruins, biggest in Yucatán. They are located at 4 hours distance from Cancun and surrounding four lakes and lots of vegetation; which make them even more unusual and mysterious because there are some ruins still covered by it. It is definitely a magical place to visit and learn more about the Mexican southeast.


It is one of the Mayan cities of the most important of all classical period. It is characterized by its design and smooth walls with decorative columns and trapezes, besides snakes, and images of Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc.

Ruins of El Ray

These ruins are located about 10 kilometers from the hotel zone of Cancun, so they are very practical and a must visit destination if you go on vacation there. These are first archaeological ruins of Cancun to be explored and found to be built between the second and third century AD. It is a beautiful place full of history and tradition.

Xel-Ha Park

This Park is considered the world’s largest natural aquarium, perfect for activities in Cancun. In Xel-Ha you can do snorkel, water activities, swimming with dolphins, Snuba (combination of snorkeling and diving) or Sea Trek (walk underwater). You can also spend time on the beach, see the dolphin show and eat delicious local food.

Sian Ka’an

The Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an is one of the unique biodiversities in the world, a unique quality that contributed to being declared as “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. Sian Ka’an offers to visitors the services of expert guides on flora and fauna as well as in the ancient Mayan culture.


Located 107 km from Cancun is the natural park, provides an experience called Indiana Jones where on arrival you will be assigned a guide who will help the tour of caves and natural wells that will make a unique experience.


Located in Cozumel, the marine park is protected for flora and fauna of Cozumel refuge, the place is perfect for snorkeling and diving activities, visit the botanical garden, Mayan house and swim with dolphins, a wonderful place to relax and enjoy Nature.

Chocolate City Restaurant and Bar

Chocolate City is best to amuse young and old people and to have daily dinner. Also offers circus style show with acrobatic dancers. It has a chocolate waterfall at the entrance, a seven mega screens chocolate shop and open kitchen. The specialty of Chocolate City is the desserts and beverages made from the finest chocolates.