How To Migrate Outlook Express To Outlook Easily

Today, I would share you the tips and tricks to migrate outlook express to outlook. This DBX To PST Converter steps, if done correctly would surely help you out to import DBX into Outlook. But to understand the migration process, or to get the basic idea on how to migrate Outlook express to outlook. First, you have to understand

  1. What is Outlook & Outlook Express?
  2. How it works
  3. And why we need migration?

The Basics Of DBX To PST

So let’s get into this DBX to PST thing. See there are two major email clients which Microsoft has:

  1. MS-Outlook &
  2. MS-Outlook Express

Both these email clients have been made to cater different sections of users. As emails are used by everyone to contact, sending details and all. So Microsoft segregated their product, one for home users and other for corporations. Each one of these users has a different requirement. Like home users, mostly look for an easy & simple to use email client. Whereas users from corporations or big firms, require advanced functionalities with reliability to manage their huge amount of data and information. Things To Know:

  1. MS-Outlook Express: Outlook express is an email client by Microsoft which is used mostly by single users/home users. Only by connecting with an ISP they can access their email messages. Not only that, OE has features like newsgroup, e-mails and directory standards. Plus OE has the best migration features. With the help of these features, a user can easily import all the e-mails, address book data and mailbox settings from other email applications. OE stores its files in DBX format.
  2. MS-Outlook: MS-Outlook is one of the major components for Microsoft Office as most of the organizations use it as its email client. With the help of MS-Outlook, you can not only send e-mails but also can integrate other advanced Microsoft Outlook services like managing your contacts, tasks, notes and also your calendar with Internet Explorer. Plus it is also integrated with exchange servers. This awesome feature helps users to share important information, use their public folders and communicate with the work group. The import feature of Outlook allows its users to import mailbox items from different email clients. And finally, the files in Outlook are stored in PST format.

outlook vs outlook express I hope you have got an idea about Outlook, Outlook Express, DBX& PST Files.

How to Import DBXInto Outlook?

Converting Outlook Express to PST format is not a cake walk. It is a time consuming and a lengthy process. But if you want to migrate your files from DBX to PST format you have to go through this long and manual process. As this is the only way you can migrate Outlook Express to Outlook files. This DBX To PST Conversion process is divided into 3 parts:

PART 1: How To Locate DBX Files?

STEP 1: In the first part of DBX to PST conversion, we would first learn how to locate DBX files? So click on Start menu and then Control Panel Step 2: Select appearance & themes and then select folder options Step 3: Click on View Tab and check the show files, folders & drives option Step 4: Go to this below-mentioned location to locate your Outlook express folder: C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{your Windows user identity number}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

step 1

Step 5: Now copy that file in your windows folder.

 step 2

PART 2: Tips To Import DBX To Windows Live Mail

Step 1: Launch Windows Live Mail in your system. Click on StartAll ProgramsWindows Live Mail

Step 2: Then click on FileImport and Exportmessages

step 3

Step 3: Click on Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and Next

step 4

Step 4: Browse and locate the copied folder on your system

step 5

Step 5: Click on the folder that you want to import and then Next

step 6

Step 6: If you want to select all your folders then click on All Folders or else choose the particular message folder respectively. As soon as you select it…the import process will start automatically.

Step 7: your final step for part 2 is to click on finish

step 7

step 8

In this Outlook Express to PST conversion process, we have imported your Outlook Express files to Windows Live Mail. So now comes the third and the last part of this migration i.e. exporting.

PART 3: 6 steps To Export Your Windows Live Mail Files To Outlook”

Step 1: In the last part to migrate Outlook Express to PST. We will open both MS-Outlook and Windows Live Mail side by side

Step 2: Click on file and then export and select your email messages

step 10

Step 3: During this process, select Microsoft Exchange as the format and click on next

step 11

Step 4: As soon as this message will show up on your screen “This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange

step 12

Just click on OK

Step 5: Select the folders you want to export, and click OK to start this export process. It will take some time, so have some patience

step 13

step 15


Step 6: Finally the migration of your Outlook Express to PST files has been done. Click Finish

step 16

NOTE: Before doing this manual trick make sure you have a backup of your DBX files. If you don’t have a backup then make a copy of your files.

These manual tricks are good but not effective every time. It does happen that it may not work as per our plan. So better keep a backup for precautionary measure.

DBX To PST Converter:

In this last part, I would share you why we need DBX TO PST Converter Tools for the migration process.

So, have you gone through all these steps?

Is the migration of your Outlook Express To PST is successful?

I hope. It is yes!!

But for any reason, if the above process doesn’t work as per the plan. Then the only option left for you is to use a DBX To PST Converter.

Manual Steps DBX To PST Converter Tools
Time Taking Quick
Not Reliable Reliable
Not so effective in Big size conversions Effective in all types of conversions
Free Paid
Complicated steps Easy Interface

I hope this article have helped you out in understanding the process to migrate outlook express to outlook. The manual steps and tools to use.