How to Backup Oculus Rift

Today, virtual reality is an important technology in the world. Many technology companies developed VR products to occupy the market. Oculus Rift is one of them now acquired by FaceBook. As normal computer data, Oculus Rift VR data should be backed up to protect and in case of disaster. However, Oculus Rift has not released a backup app. But, don’t worry, there is a tool called vrBackupper that can do this job.

vrBackupper is a product of AOMEI company. When talking about AOMEI, many users may think about its another product – AOMEI Backupper, which is a free backup tool. Their names are a little same. Another thing I want to say is that since they are the same company, vrBackupper is worth trusting. What’s more, vrBackupper is a freeware that everyone can touch it.

How does vrBackupper work?

Like other Windows software, you should download and install vrBackupper. vrBackupper is designed to backup Oculus Rift. But when you run it, you can find that the default interface is not backup, it is Migrate Oculus Installation instead. The program also detects Oculus installation directory automatically. You just need to select a new location to store Oculus installation directory data. What’s the deep meaning of this function? It breaks through the limitation of Oculus VR online games can only be stored in the installation directory of Oculus and Oculus previous variations can only be installed on procedure partition. The new location could be external drives too.

VR Backupper

Then let’s have a look at Backup Restore Oculus interface. Backup has two options: the whole Oculus installation directory or only online games and applications in Oculus installation directory. vrBackupper can detect the target automatically too. When restore, it replaces re-download and re-install. You see, vrBackupper helps us save time and energy. Because AOMEI has universal restore technical, you are able to restore the Oculus data on another machine with dissimilar hardware.


vrBackupper is the first backup tool for Oculus in the world. If you want to backup Oculus Rift data, vrBackupper is your only choice. The current version is 1.0. We are looking forward to its improvement and upgrade in the future. You can try the product downloading the free version and then upgrade for more features if you like. At last, we hope this article have helped you understand Oculus Rift better and know use vrBackupper to protect your VR data