Can Sexual Problems in Men be Prevented?

It is a question that many men find themselves asking if it is possible to prevent sexual problems from occurring. The answer is yes, it is possible to prevent issues with performance and even treat the main causes of many male sexual problems. A sexual problem is usually defined as either having difficulty or inability to have a satisfying sexual relationship. This can not only affect a man’s quality of life, it could also be a symptom of a more serious medical condition.

The Causes:

Sexual problems can be caused by either a physical condition, or can be a result of a psychological problem, and can affect men of all ages. Sexual problems can include, erectile dysfunctions, issues with ejaculation, and trouble reaching a state of sexual desire. The physical causes can include, heart or vascular disease, diabetes, liver or kidney failure, hormone imbalances, certain neurological disorders, and some medications. Lifestyle can also affect a man’s sexual performance including, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and obesity.

Psychological causes not only include the trauma from a previous sexual experience, but also stress, anxiety, and even depression can dramatically affect a man’s sexual performance. Intense feelings of guilt and problems in a relationship can also cause a man to perform less than satisfactory.

Medical Conditions:

There are three main medical conditions used to categorize male sexual issues, and it is important to know the type of problem, before seeking treatment.

  1. Ejaculation Problems: There are also different types of ejaculation disorders including,
    1. Premature ejaculation which occurs when a man ejaculates prior to or just after penetration.
    2. Slow ejaculation occurs when it is difficult for a man to ejaculate.
    3. Retrograde ejaculation is when the ejaculate is returned to the bladder instead of being released.
    4. Erectile Dysfunction: This condition is normally defined as an inability to sustain an erection for intercourse or other sexual activities.
    5. Slow or Lose of Sexual Desire: Often caused by low levels or hormones in the male body, this condition is described as having little or no interest in sexual relations.

Supplements Available:

There are natural male enhancement supplements available that can help treat and prevent sexual problems in men. Some of the more common herbs are the two Siberian strains of ginseng and arginine. Ginkgo and Yohimbe also help boost the male libido safely and naturally.


Once a health care professional has diagnosed the type of sexual problem, a treatment plan can be laid out. Some of the most common methods of treating both the psychological and physical causes of the disorder can include,

  • Medications
  • Hormones
  • Psychological counseling
  • Penile implants or vacuum devices
  • Education

While many men do turn to hormonal therapies and medications to help treat the causes of sexual problems, education may be one of the most important treatments that all men make use of. With the right education, men can learn how to prevent any sexual problems from developing in the future.

Preventing Sexual Problems:

Not all sexual problems can be prevented, but many of the underlying causes of the disorder can be prevented. One of the biggest causes of any sexual performance issue is poor health and lifestyle choices. Maintaining a healthy weight, and regular exercise can help men perform better in the bedroom. Limiting the amount of alcohol, and ceasing smoking will not only improve a man’s general health but also his sexual health. Treating any emotional problems and strong lines of communication with a partner can also help to prevent sexual performance issues from developing. If problems do occur, it is always best to talk to a health care professional.

It is not uncommon for a man to develop a sexual performance problem during his life, and in most cases, these issues can be treated with healthy lifestyle changes, including the use of some natural supplements. While this condition may still be difficult for most men to discuss, more men are learning that they do not have to suffer from sexual performance issues for life.