What do you Need to know before Applying for Lowe’s Credit Card?

Synchrony Financial Canada is in charge of issuing Lowe’s Credit Cards in Canada. The Lowe’s consumer credit cards allow consumers 5% cash back on Lowe’s purchases but only when the consumer in question is not using the “special financing” offer. These offers are made available on single purchases worth $299+ for six months and $599+ for 18 months. In short, if the consumer ends up availing this offer, he will not really be able to secure the 5% cash back rebate on purchases. Read on further to find out more about Lowe’s credit card. Handling credit cards without acquiring enough knowledge about its various aspects always remains a dicey proposition. It might lead to mishandling of cards thereby spelling dire consequences for your financial future.

What do you need to apply for Lowe’s Credit Cards?

Needless to mention, as is the case with any other credit card, Lowe’s credit cards can also be secured only when you

  • Meet the age requirement thus specified in the territory or province you are living in
  • Have an annual household earning of at least $15,000
  • Be a permanent resident of the country you are applying in
  • Should not have filed for bankruptcy within the last seven years

Apply online

You can apply for the card online. There is an online form available where you are supposed to fill up important personal details including:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address
    • Business Phone Number
    • Residential Phone Number
    • Monthly Earning Details
    • Email
    • Others

Lowe’s Project Card

Lowe’s project card is designed for those looking forward to undertaking a home improvement project soon. The consumer is required to make an initial purchase of $1000+ for this card. The Project Card will be treated as a separate account from that of the consumer credit card (if you already have the consumer credit card). Home remodeling or shifting to a new home might often result in the purchase of new items very quickly. The Project Card is needed to sponsor these needs.

As per available information, you cannot apply for the project card online. You have to visit the store personally in order to apply for the same. However, you might as well secure some information about it on the website. You can start the project card window by making an initial purchase of $1000+. It’s a 6-month window where no interest is accrued – neither on the initial purchase nor on the following purchases made within those 6 months. However, during this period you have to make the minimum payments nonetheless.

None of the cards is too hard to qualify for.


No matter which lowes credit card you are opting for, please make sure that you are researching on the pros and cons of availing the same. A good online research will guide you through a number of online reviews about these credit cards. Make sure you are considering these reviews seriously while weighing your pros and cons. And, you are good to go!