Why is Math Important?

Most students in school hate math because it all seems to be a pointless theory and a waste of time. Your children may be experiencing the same thing. Looking back, I realize that the subjects I enjoyed most were the ones I could relate to and see the benefit of. No one took the time to explain why math is so important. Not even the teachers. Take some time to discuss this with your child if they currently hate maths. Listed below are some real-world practical applications of math which may help your child start to enjoy math again.

1. Cooking

Your child’s favorite dishes wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for being able to measure out the correct ingredients or figuring out the correct cooking temperature and times.

2. Architecture

Putting together a building is pretty complicated stuff. Maths allows the builders to know where to put each of the correct support on a bridge or what material to use in constructing a skyscraper.

3. Accounting

Keeping track of a business’s money or even just your own personal finances. Being able to forecast future spending and the ability to create an adequate savings plan for that amazing holiday you want are useful skills to learn.

4. Healthcare

Doctors need math to be able to create medicines. World health organizations use math to measure the spread of epidemics and maximize the number of vaccinations they can provide.

5. Driving a car

Calculating speed and braking distances is going to be crucial when your child learns to drive. Being able to figure out if you have enough petrol to reach your destination is also a nice skill to learn early.

6. Astronomy

Mathematics has helped us figure out some pretty cool stuff. How old is the earth? How far away is the moon? How about the size and weight of the planets? The fact that the planets revolve around the sun. All maths.

Math plays a pretty important part of everybody’s lives. Even if you never use a specific formula again after leaving school, a good, sound understanding of math will make life a good deal easier and also has the potential to unlock doors in the future in terms of career opportunities for your child. Encourage them to invest their time and effort now, to make life easier later. So the next time your child gets frustrated with math and asks, “Why is math important? “, be a prepared parent and explain to them these applications.