Villa O’Higgins: Enchanting glaciers attraction in Aysen

In the Aysen region there are almost a hundred glaciers, plus the third largest expanse of continental ice on the planet, after Antarctica and Greenland, Ice Fields in North and South. Villa O’Higgins offers for this season walking, hiking on glaciers, trekking, and much more, it’s located at the end of the Carretera Austral, in the Aysen Region. It’s considered the quintessential land of pioneers, the Villa O’Higgins is 530 km. in south of the city of Coyhaique and 230 km. in south of the town of Cochrane, as well as is the gateway to the glaciers of the Southern Ice Field, where tourists, scientists explorers and adventurers come every year.

An attraction in the town of Villa O’Higgins is determined to exploit its proximity to some of the most attractive masses of ice in the area, including the Southern Ice Field and Glacier O’Higgins. Villa O’Higgins is known as the end of the Carretera Austral and a gateway to the glaciers located in mysterious Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Currently, the district is accessible by air from Coyhaique and Cochrane, as well as by land from southern and lakeside Argentine territory.

Aysen, Lago O'Higgins

This Villa is the only urban center in the area. The nearest towns are Tortel with 400 inhabitants at 150 km, Cochrane with 3000 inhabitants at 230 km, Coyhaique with 45,000 people and Chalten, Argentina at 110 km, crossing the lake and lagoon O’Higgins Desert. The history of the area has been linked to self-colonization and settlements to consolidate Chilean sovereignty in the area.

Here’re some stunning attractions in surroundings of Villa O’Higgins

Shoen National Reserve

It has interpretive trails with walkways, viewpoints, and stairs. From the viewpoints get stunning views of Villa O’Higgins, the surrounding forests, lakes, and rivers in addition to the high peaks of the Southern Ice Field.

Aysen, Lago O'Higgins


It is the most emblematic mountain village, reaches 1,850 meters and is named after the resemblance to submersible ships. On its slopes, there are eternal snow, glaciers and rushing streams. From here you can capture the Mayer River Delta and glaciers of Mosco River Forest Reserve views.

The Florida Peninsula

It is formed by the unique morphology of Lago O’Higgins which highlights the mountainous terrain. You can see the tops of the hills Chela, only Three Friars and some gaps, glacier-fed waters like Green, Black lagoons, and Escondida.

Mayer River Valley

It reaches the Laguna Clara that gives the impression of a giant mirror, for its clear waters. It is ideal for walking or riding. After several days of riding, you can reach the Mayer Hall, where can view fields of settlers.

Aysen, Lago O'Higgins

Lago O’Higgins

Villa O’Higgins is located between the mountain range from Fitz Roy to Cerro Torre. It has a total area of 1,013 km2 equally divided between Chile and Argentina. The water is turquoise and floating icebergs drop from glaciers when pushed by the wind.

Southern Ice Fields

You can explore great white mantle south of Villa O’Higgins, shedding between glaciers, world-renowned as the Jorge Montt, O’Higgins and Grey, one of the largest freshwater reserves in South America.