VideoProc: The Best App to Edit and Process GoPro’s 4K Videos

GoPro has become a very popular way of recording videos while doing activities as it allows you to bind it with your body or object and then the camera moves with you and records everything on the go. It’s actually a perfect way to record your Ice Skating, Hiking, Paragliding, or even just a simple trip to somewhere. So the recording part is quite fun, but when it comes to processing those videos, then you may face trouble.

GoPro Hero 6 and Hero 7 uses HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) Codec if you are recording a 4K or 2K videos. These videos are very large in size as well. May video editing application will not support it due to its Codec or the heavy size. So we are here to tell you a cool application that can be used to deal with any kind of videos recorded by GoPro.

Meet VideoProc – A Perfect Tool To Process All Type of GoPro’s Videos

VideoProc is a video processing application that does many types of video editing jobs. So let’s know the features of this app to know how it is better than other video editing apps.

Video Proc

Full GPU Hardware Acceleration

Processing 4K, 2K, or any other high-quality video need an application that can accelerate the process to complete the job with the minimal wait time. Sitting hours to process a video could be quite annoying. VideoProc application has integrated GPU Hardware Acceleration feature that works with almost all the Chipsets (Intel, NVIDIA, AMD). So it processes videos faster than any other Video Processing or Editing

Changing Videos’ Codec

So if you have recorded a 4K or 2K Video using GoPro that will not support on many other devices because of its HEVC Codec (H.256). So you will have to convert the video to make it use H.264 Code to use it on other devices, like Smartphones, Tablets etc.. If you have VideoProc, that’s a cake walk.

changing video codec

Correct GoPro’s Fish Eye and Shaky Effect

Video captured of action cameras are usually distorted at the edge when it catches lights from sides (also known as Fisheye) and they are also shaky if you are recording while doing any activity.  VideoProc application correct Fisheye effects and also help you stabilize shaky videos.

Basic Editing (Trimming, Cropping, Merging etc..)

There are many editing features in VideoProc application. You can Cut a scene from the video, Crop it, and even merge multiple scenes/videos together. You can also watermark the video that could be very useful if you want to upload on the internet and want people to know about you. Adding Subtitles, Rotating, or even applying a filter is also possible with this app.

Other Features of The VideoProc App

Download Online Videos: If you want to download a video from a website, like YouTube FaceBook, Vimeo, etc., VideoProc can still help you. IT allows downloading videos from 1000+ websites.

Recording Screen: Whether you want to record your webcam or just the screen of the video to prepare a tutorial video, VideoProc makes it easier. Use the built-in feature of the app to record screen with voice.

Convert DVD: Do you have a DVD that you want to convert or just convert to a format that can be played on smartphones, tablets, or any computer without any DVD player app? Use the DVD option of VideoProc app to do this.


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