Top-Rated VPN Providers for Australians

Very often limitless access to the Internet makes people defenseless. Depending on the history of the visited pages and the periodicity of particular site visits, personal profiles are made and utilized for advertising, marketing, or other aims. That is why the question of anonymity on the web is a top priority for any Internet user. VPN or a virtual personal network has been designed to offer 100% privacy and data protection on the Internet. In addition, the user is safeguarded from personal data disclose and steal – a common problem when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. However, some VPN services gather particular information, although according to the law, a user should always remain anonymous.

The problem of anonymity is rampant all over the world. So if you are looking for the best VPN Australia, then we are here to help you. In our top 3 rating, we have listed the most trustworthy VPN providers that guarantee your information safety.

VPN Tunnel

It is a firm based in Stockholm that has been on the market since 2008. This company offers different service packages covering various security tiers for its users. Thus, the more the service package costs – the higher the safety level is provided to the user. The VPN Tunnel’s servers are located in 7 countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, and Australia, with more than 11 thousand IP addresses offered to the users. Thanks to Swedish law, surfing is 100% private because logs are not maintained by the firm.

Your Freedom

The second in our rating is the VPN service of German developers, whose “Achilles heel” is also the popular Java platform for attackers responsible for running client applications for Windows and Mac. Your Freedom offers a range of several dozen servers around the world; it supports various protocols for building a secure network, allows you to configure the routing of any type of traffic, and has a client program for the mobile OS and Android. Work with the service is possible within the framework of 4 tariff plans: free, basic (EUR 4 per month), Enhanced (EUR 10 per month), and Total (EUR 20 per month). The above packages differ in the data transfer rate and the number of simultaneously supported connections. The free version of Your Freedom is cut very much and is almost not acceptable for web surfing: the speed is limited to 64 kbps modem, and the VPN connection duration is two hours a day.



It is a Dutch company that supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and has a distributed network of servers located in Australia, the US, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. The impressive geography of proXPN is complemented by powerful encryption and advanced functional capabilities of the service, which can be fully utilized with the Premium account (USD 6.3 per month). For those who like to save, there are many limitations in the form of data transmission speed, one American VPN gateway, traffic type, and the possibility of using the service exclusively on the computer. In addition, in free accounts, proXPN deliberately slips the user banner ads, including for files download and sites browsing.

Choose any of these and you will not be disappointed!