Sourcing Products And Suppliers In China – A Clear Guide For The Entrepreneurs

An eminent early American newspaper editor and founder of the New York Tribune had quickly responded by saying “Go West, young man!” when someone asked him how to become rich. However, this statement still holds true and it has been slightly revised as “Go East, young entrepreneur!” Although the exact direction to go to China from either United States or the United Kingdom is still arguable, yet this statement has its utmost importance. There are many people who anticipate that China is soon going to become the largest economy in the world and will soon surpass the United States of America.

Although the average cost of manufacturing products within the Chinese premises has off late increased, the country is still often been considered as the cheapest location for both American and British manufacturers and retailers when it comes to sourcing products from China. There are lots of novice UK and US entrepreneurs who wonder about the process of sourcing products in China. The concerns of this article will deal with how the companies that which can’t afford to establish manufacturing operations can efficiently source products and suppliers in China.

How about an internet search?

Everybody says “Google is God”! Well, while we all know that there are answers to almost every question under the sun, why not ask Google about the ways in which a novice entrepreneur can go about products sourcing China? Yes, one of the easiest and most cost-effective places to start your search for Chinese suppliers and products is undoubtedly the internet or the different search engines like Google or Bing. You can also look into the B2B sourcing platforms like Global Sources, Alibaba, and These platforms have listed thousands of suppliers and you can easily customize your search and raise the number of trustworthy sources by filtering the results for the entries that have been labeled as “Gold member”, “verified supplier”, “accredited supplier” or “onsite supplier”. Positive reviews often provide an indication about the legitimacy of the Chinese supplier.  On the other hand, there are some B2B platforms that also have supplier blacklists like Alibaba.

There are some other sites that go further to protect the buyers who are the entrepreneurs. For instance, GlobalSources has credit-checking services that will offer the key business information of the supplier, including the product quality, company status, and production capabilities. You should be aware of the fact that verified suppliers may mean that the organizations are verified to exist in the market. This may not necessarily mean that their reputation also has been verified.

How about embracing the social media?

Well, while social media is the ideal platform for endorsing your brand and increasing your company’s visibility, it might not be the ideal platform to locate Chinese suppliers and trustworthy products. Only a few suppliers have online social media presence but nevertheless, the social media might be a good source for receiving feedback on potential suppliers. Hence, be cautious about relying on such social media platforms as the information might be unverified.

Therefore, if you’re some new businessman who is looking for saving your pounds by bringing in products from Chinese suppliers, learn the art of locating some of the best products and suppliers from the above-mentioned ways.