Signs to Tell that Someone Likes You: Determine who likes you

People say sixth sense makes you aware of your surroundings. Is someone thinking good about us, is something bad happening to us when I should take care the most? Our sixth sense might help us in all such situations. It has been observed that some people get an early impression of an upcoming danger. Some people somehow get an idea that the step they are going to take will be harmful or not. Sometimes right sometimes wrong but these are the endeavors of the sixth sense.

Human beings have 5 senses that are sight, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Experts say that if any of them is weak, the sixth sense will be strong.Sixth sense helps us in those scenarios where our normal 5 senses can’t help. In this article, I am going to discuss some techniques through which you can determine the views, emotions, and feelings of the next person about you.

According to experts, if a person likes you, probably he/she will do some particular actions unconsciously. If a person does all or few of these acts than be sure he/she is interested in you.

12 signs he likes you or she likes you

Stand close

If someone likes you he/she will try to stand near you in. This is how he/she tries to reduce the distance between you and him/her.

Touching hair

It is a habit of women to touch their hair repeatedly when they meet their favorite person.

Keep back straight

According to experts, if a person is sitting comfortably suddenly becomes uncomfortable and straighten your back & waist when you appear, it is the very clear sign of your approval. If the person likes you, he/she will continuously keep his back straight and remain conscious & active throughout in your presence.

Repeatedly calling name

An interested person will call your name frequently in his/her talk irrespective it is needed or not.

Keep in their eyes

If someone likes you, she/he’ll always try to keep you in their eyes. They will try their best not to allow you to disappear from their sight.

Natural smile

In the presence of a beloved person, the smile is always genuine. Face and eyes remain dull in artifice smile while they sparkle if the smile genuine that comes from inside. Not only a genuine smile will appear but it will remain thought out in the presence of the favorite person.

Look onto you after every funny moment.

If someone likes you he/she will look onto you after every joke or funny incident. This is another clear sign that the person is interested in you.


A person interested in you will be excited about your presence and remain excited for some time after you leave.

Priority to your tasks

If someone leaves all his important work and start doing the task you asked for, it means you are very important for that person.


If someone observes you deeply like observe your dress, your habits etc. and appreciate them. It is an indication that you are special for him/her.


A person interested in you will always want to learn more about you. He/she will ask questions and will try to utilize every opportunity to inquire more about you.

Frequent phone calls

A person fascinated about you will call you for small things. He/she will grab every opportunity to interact with you.

If any of events happened to you, please share your experience in comments. You can also express  your ideas and observations relating to “signs someone likes you”

So now what are you waiting for? Start your observation and check who seems interested in you.