5 Pairs Of Men Shoes Every Guy Should Have

Before going into detail about recommended men shoes ask your self this question. Do people notice your shoes! Yes. Choosing the right shoe you can take an average outfit and elevate it to excellent. Alternatively one can have an amazing outfit but choosing the wrong shoes can take a potential style opportunity and turn it into a style liability. Shoes play an important role in overall look and personality of a person.

In this article, we will talk about recommended men shoe collection. Please note these are our recommendation, however, your collection may differ slightly based on age, lifestyle and personal preferences

Recommended Men shoes.

In the 5 pair of shoes, every man should have, at least two pairs of them must be formal

Black dress shoes

The shoe that collection should be built around is the simple black dress shoes. It comes in the category of men’s formal shoes. It’s simple and classic.  It can be worn with suits, with jeans and any kind of formal dress. However, it must be kept in mind that wearing a black dress shoe that is super shiny is probably going to be limited to suit and really formal.

Brown dress shoes

Well on number 2 in typical men shoe collection is the brown dress shoe. The super sexy second cousin of the black dress shoes. Well, these shoes should have all the same qualities as that of black dress shoes. They also lie in the category of men’s formal shoes like black dress shoes and almost same rules apply to their use as well.

Brown dress shoes are needed because black is cool but black can’t be used every single day. There is no better option that adds richness and dimension to an outfit like a great brown shoe.

There are some guys when they go shoe shopping they find a shoe of their choice in black and they like it so much that they buy the same in brown as well. It is highly recommended not to do this. Look for a brown shoe that is of a different style. Add versatility to your collection and keep it fresh. So the rule is

Don’t buy the same shoe in two different colors and every man shoe collection must have variety and versatility.

Typical Mens casual shoe collection

Pair of Boots

Number 3 recommended men shoe collection is a cool pair of boots. It can be like chukka, desert boot or snub nose Frye shoes.

Boots are sexy and for short guys, some also had a little bit of height.  Boots are a great casual option and they fall into the category of men’s casual shoe collection however they are not super casual. They look great with jeans, they look great with corduroys. Every man needs to have boots because they rock.

Leather casual shoes.

It is not possible to exist only in black dress shoes, brown dress shoes and boots alone.  Another option from men’s casual shoe category is required and that is leather casual shoes.

One needs to have shoes that can be used casually. For instance, you are going out with your friends on bike or hike or anything that is casual. So don’t wear something formal or dressy.

Causal leather shoes can be worn with shots with socks and without socks but they look great. Also, these shoes need to be comfortable, versatile and something that you are not worried if it gets ruined. You cannot say I can’t go ride a bike or play Frisbee or catch up walking the dog because I will ruin my shoes.

These shoes need to be a little bit more casual but not as casual as number 5.

The fashion sneaker or Trainer Tennis shoes

Number 5 is Fashion Sneaker. This is the shoe which can be used for running, exercise and going the gym and so on. They are super casual but still look super fresh and fly. They’re really not that expensive but it’s a great way to step up your game and still look super cool.

A lot of guys only likes to have sneakers. Sneakers have lots of types and variety to select from.  For more information how to build a balanced sneaker collection click here.

These are the different 5 pair of shoes every man should have in his collection.  But as said already it really depends on you your lifestyle and your personal preference. So you can add or remove but remember the rules.