Mesmerizing Hamilton Pool, Texas Natural Wonder

The Hamilton Pool is one of the most beautiful places in Texas. This wonderful natural pool, jade green color, Pool Hamilton has created thousands of years ago when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion. The pool is located about 37 miles in the west of AustinTexas, near Highway 71. Since the 1960s, the pool Hamilton has been one of the city’s favorite Austin residents recess. The pool is surrounded by huge slabs of limestone, waterfalls and large stalactites growing from its roof.

Natural Hamilton Pool, approximately 1 square kilometer, has a depth of 15 meters. Both the pool and a stream running through it are not chemically treated, so water quality is regularly monitored and sometimes limited for swimming.

Before the 19th century, Tonkawa and Lipan Apache Indians lived in the area. In 1860, Morgan C. Hamilton bought the property, now known as the reserve of the natural pool of Hamilton. In 1880, the Reimer family (immigrants from Germany) bought the property in Hamilton for sheep and cattle.

Although farmers may have considered the grotto as a safety hazard for their livestock, the Reimers soon realized its value as a recreational area so opened the sector property for public use.

In 1985, Travis County purchased 232 acres (1 square kilometer) of the Reimers family and implemented a land management plan to restore the area that was affected by the continuous flood of visitors as well as cattle that had virtually eliminated all native floras. Now, as a result of the restoration plan, Hamilton Pool ecosystems are recovering. The “Hamilton Pool Preserve” is a natural pool and a protected reserve, and if you go to that city, then it would be justified with a hot day if you pick up a basket with food and go there, praying that might rains make you wet and provide you the pleasure of that waterfall 15 meters high, which is not permanent and depends on more or less topical rainfall.

The limestone slabs will be hanging over you and threaten you with stalactites, which gave way to erosion thousands of years ago, not many of them were explicit. The roof and the cliffs are a garden of mosses and ferns where swallows and many other birds cavort, when not perched on someplace, “Ashe juniper”, a beautiful cedar grows generously on this beautiful place as well as along the creek that continues after the pool.

In fact, this natural pool is much larger and extraordinary reserve, carved into the limestone above and below the surface, some tributaries of the Colorado River, but in the reserve, you can’t stay overnight. Wildlife is extraordinary and plentiful here, including an unclassified species by Linnaeus you will almost inevitably intersect with Hamilton Pool. This place is absolutely beautiful.

From November 2013, for accessing the pool and the river you need to spend a $ 10 entry fee in Travis County Park, cash only. In return, they will allow you access to all Travis County Parks for the day.

Hamilton Pool Preserve has a capacity limit of 75 parking spaces. It’s overcrowded during the summer months.

To get to the pool requires a quarter mile steep walk downhill. It is recommended to wear hiking shoes. Here, drinking water or concessions are not available. Here, booking is occasionally closed due to floods or hazardous trail conditions. Currently, the site boasts lush ferns as a population has recovered the native flora, have been restored prairie surrounding the pool and water quality also getting improved significantly. Fishing and camping are prohibited in this area.