Is it fine to travel independently?

Mostly people akin to travel independently, lacking entirely organized packs, using local transportation, consuming local cuisine, residing in hostels or guest houses, etc. and often improvise the track according to their wish. OMG don’t get confused between alone or accompanied, instead of traveling on your own can be a great experience. Here’s you go the reasons why is it good to travel independently;

It is more rewarding

Having to plan the route yourself and travel on your own makes you learn more about any country. You better know about its geography, infrastructure, currency, culture and traditions, its standard of living and even political system. You get approached much closer to the reality of that country.

Know loads more about people

Due to travel independently you become more curious, observant, energetic and vigorous. Interact, cooperate and be acquainted more with people, both travelers as well as natives. You find travelers not only in hostels or tourist attractions but also in transport, bus, rail, ports, etc. By traveling with inhabitants of a country you generate many more opportunities to meet them.

It gives you total freedom

During your journey, you are free to go wherever you want; it’s a great feeling of freedom. If you are traveling independently you should keep in mind that plan properly where you actually want to go, plus what you want to see, and not be afraid to adjust your plans. Certainly, you won’t regret.

It’s cheaper

Traveling by yourself save a lot of money as well as you can do and see more. You control your spending and do not pay so many fees. Pay directly to whom you sell a product or services.

You additionally contribute to the Local Economy

Catching ordinary transport, napping in hostels or guest houses, eating in local restaurants or even hiring travel guide, anyhow, you avoid in many cases, spend your money, directly benefiting in a good way to the economy of a town, city or country.

It is more exciting and adventurous

Traveling on your own can have loads of anecdotes to tell and not have to bore anyone with videos of masked balls on a Nile cruise, you live many more experiences with people of the country and can reach interesting places to visit without guideline of any agency. Deciding to visit or not, find your accommodation and buy bus tickets, train, boat or whatever you travel with what may seem boring but you’ll generate a thousand stories to tell.

Is it safe?

There are many people who love to stay in Punta Cana resort and the Hotels do not recommend leaving because it is risky. What nonsense! Surely they do because they want you to consume more in the hotel room. There are thousands of people each day traveling through Mexico and almost every country in the world and, as a general rule, nothing happens. Most Asian cities are safer than Barcelona.

It is an interesting challenge

wise up to move from one place to another, get good experience and good prices for your account in a country you do not know, and in many cases, you have a totally different experience about others culture as it’s like a challenge for you. Travel independently for the first time in certain countries, you feel healthy nerves as well as to learn and do something new and exciting give you much more pleasure.

It is gratifying

Like all other challenges, it is very rewarding and increases your confidence. You will realize that with a backpack plus little money; can go from side to side for weeks or even months. You will love the feeling of discovering a place and you would have no idea about how much you learn by traveling independently without wasting time. Have you been in a bungalow in front of a beach paradise? How sounds the night in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the dunes? You can spend a pleasing moment alone at such places what you can’t when in a group.

Be confident about your plans, actually, if you wish, once you arrive in the destination country or before the internet, you can do anything you desire.