Marina Bay Sands, the highest pool in the world

Marina Bay Sands is the largest resort in Singapore and is owned by Las Vegas Sands, one of the largest casinos in the world. It consists of three impressive towers composing of 57 amazing floors. The three towers are connected with a platform to give a stunning look to this pool; it contains an area of 340 meters long, in which there are outdoor attractions as well as the longest elevated swimming pool in the world.

The fabulous resort Marina Bay Sands is a super luxury resort in Singapore, which has the highest pool in the world. It has a 150-meter infinity pool and a public observation deck as well as a restaurant runs by a renowned chef. It composed of a museum, casino, restaurants, bars, an upscale shopping center, and of course, the Sky park, an amazing rooftop dome for fun, this infinity pool Sands Sky Park is an impressive engineering wonder of the present era.


This paranoiac style of architecture, which cost a gigantic amount of $ 5.95 trillion, has dethroned the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi and is at the top of the list of most expensive places for hosting on the planet. At the top of the Marina Bay Sands, there’s a panoramic garden where you can walk and see the beautiful sights of the financial city Singapore and the dancing water of sea from another perspective. Marina Bay Sands is a marvelous construction that has completely changed the image of Singapore and the form of tourism in all the seasons. If you swim to the edge of the pool, you feel that you are about to fall off the top of the world. With the heat wave of Singapore, the water is wonderfully warm and inviting for more than a dip.

In addition to the figures, the most striking thing of Marina Bay Sands is its innovative architecture, designed by famous architect Moshe Safdie, incorporated an inland river for boating, a convention center, a colorful square glass pavilion, also even a museum shaped lotus, it was inspired by a pack of playing cards, all in the subject line of the hotel, one of its main attractions is stylish big casino and is located at the place that crowns the three luxury hotel towers. One of them named Sands Sky Park is the fantastic pool to the dizzying height of 250 meters.


In its architectural morphology, the Marina Bay Sands looks a funny way in the shape of a boat on the top of three towers, which stands the imposing a magnetic figure. This hotel has 2,560 rooms which cost 520 dollars hosting for one night. There are some of the beautiful loungers in the middle of the pool to enjoy and they also provide striking corners of the city to overwhelm.

At the time of sun setting, the numbers of visitors start to decrease. With the down light, the place looks awesome, that moment with down sun views make you realize standing in some other calm world. When the first lights of the buildings begin to turn, walk back into the pool and go to see the landscape, try to capture all those prestigious moments in your camera to make your trip memorable.

It’s really worth to have paid to swim at the Marina Bay Sands pool. And even if you do not take pictures, the memory of the most beautiful sights in the world you left there, would have to pay every penny on returning home.