Environmental Benefits of Double Glazed Windows – Is It Worth It

Environmental Benefits of Double Glazed Windows – Is It Worth It. Architects and interior designers are getting more practical when it comes to deciding different structural elements for home building or commercial projects. In the current scenario, more and more people are getting inclined to get double glazed windows for their properties due to all the benefits they have to offer. So what exactly are double glazing windows and why they are considered to be environmentally friendly?

Double Glazing Glasgow is basically made from two pieces of glass that are sealed together with an airspace in between. In terms of construction, a double glazed window sits on the window frame just as regularly as single glazing do, but provides numerous benefits and added security.

It is usual not to transfer heat through windows, but today there are many efficient and effective ways to keep the home warm than only covering them with double or triple layered curtains. Whether you’re thinking about getting double glazed windows or even feeling tempted with the general benefits of triple glazing, here are few of the environmental benefits you can expect to see with this small structural change in your home.

Energy saving

According to experts, swapping single-glazed windows for double or triple glazing can make you save a lot of money on your utility bills. Double glazing windows not only provide energy efficiency but also last many decades helping you save hundreds of dollars annually. In fact, double glazed windows let you save approximately 48% on energy consumption, which should make a great difference in your annual savings.

Heat Retention

The primary function of windows is to keep the heat and light from entering the home. With double glazing windows, heat doesn’t easily escape and droughts will also be easily reduced, making the indoor temperature more comfortable and cooler in summers, while warmer in winters. This will automatically take off the burden from your HVAC unit, helping you save energy and contributing to the environments.

Noise Pollution Reduction

Noise pollution is one of the most neglected aspects of everyday life. Noise pollution not only takes away the peace but can also trigger any health complications like blood pressure, hearing problems, anxiety, depression and so on. If you reside in a town or close to busy streets, you might as well want a system that can keep away the unnecessary sounds from your home, allowing you to have some peaceful time indoor.

Control Condensation

Condensation is formed when the warm air is cooled. In the case of a normal window, the moisture in the air condenses on the window glass forming significant amounts of water. This can cause molds and mildew, which is something no house owner would want. Windows with single glazing can easily transfer the cool temperature inside and condensation occurs rapidly, which is not the case with double or triple glazing windows.

Reduce UV Damage

Constant ultraviolet light seeping into the house can cause harmful skin damages and fading of furniture. Double glazing provides a shield against UV rays that can get inside the house. The most significant improvement can be attained by using a tinted glass variety on the outside of the double glazing unit. With the use of double glazing window, you can reduce up to 89% of UV rays entering your home or building.This added benefit will help prevent health risks and also protect the value of your home furnishings.

One of the major benefits of triple glazing or double glazing is that they are available in a variety of frames and materials. But, UPVC frames are usually considered to be the best in this regard. They not only provide excellent energy-efficiency but also make a nature-friendly option to consider. Double glazing windows with UPVC frames are cheapest and energy efficient of all the options you’ll find in the marketplace. Durability, low maintenance, waterproof and versatility are some features of double glazing with UPVC.

Get in touch with a professional and get to know about the options that are best suitable according to your needs, requirements and most importantly, budget. Even though double glazing window system is expensive as compared to traditional or single glazing, investing in it makes all the sense for a long lasting durability, security and other features it has to offer.