Cool way to get Blog post ideas

One of the major concerns that boggle me in Blogging is getting post ideas. Writing is the primary aspect of Blogging or Blog Marketing, so obtaining post topics is very crucial. I used to run out of topic ideas so quick during my budding days as a blogger. I’m going to share few of my secret techniques, unparalleled as well as unconventional ways to get blog post ideas directly from the web surfers.

WikiHow Method

1. Register at, it is a massive online library of tutorials and How-To articles of various categories.

2. In your Profile, Click on ‘Answer Requests’, Choose a category related to your blog niche.

3. You will find hundreds of topics to write on. You can find various useful titles that may be suitable for your blog.

Benefits of Using this method

1. It’s an instant technique to get ideas for your next blog post or guest post.

2. They are all user requested topics which mean they might haven’t found something on the web, so they have requested someone to write a tutorial on that topic.

Google Trends

1. Head on to Google Trends and fetch a keyword that you think, might be suitable for your blog.

2. Go to Twitter and enter the keyword in the search box and browse through people opinions and the latest news on the topic.

3. You can use those ideas and compile an article.

Benefits of using this method

If a keyword makes its place in Google Trends, it implies it is one of the hottest topics in discussions. You can expect a surge of traffic from social media and Search Engine if properly marketed.

Subscribe to your Neighboring blogs

Consider you are blogging about latest software and apps such as WhatsApp, no matter how updated you are about the new apps, you might still miss a new one. Just recently I got to know that WhatsApp can be used for PC as well which I thought was pretty cool. So subscribing to blogs in the same niche helps you stay updated and get post ideas as well and remember, don’t just copy paste the concept, just use it as a source of news.

Social Media

You might already be aware that social media is the best platform to drive returning traffic. It is also helpful to drive you ideas for your next post. Following blogs and bloggers related to your niche is a great way to keep you updated.

Benefits of Using this method

  • Keeps you updated of the hot happenings which you might use in your next post.
  • You can ask your readers to request a new post.

So these were the tips to get blog post ideas. Hope you liked the post.