7 Helpful ways to make money blogging without ads

Most of the people who want to write blog posts would like to share their opinion and reviews on something. Many people would like to write blog posts and consider them as a favorite hobby. However, there is a lot of opportunities to earn some extra cash with your blogs. If you are very much interested in taking your blogging business further, here are some of the best strategies that can turn your blog into a money maker.
make money blogging without ads

Sponsored Posts:

If you think you have got a good number of user statistics for your blog, there are so many business owners who are ready to pay for the content that you write in your blog. These blog posts will be of the promotional type where reviews have to be good about the products or services being offered by the business owner. The blog posts will also have backlinks to their main website. There are a lot of people who are making a handful of cash with this technique.

Sell Blogrolls and Backlinks:

The basic criterion is to have a good reputation for your blog. If you have the confidence to attract a good number of visitors and benefit from the natural flow of traffic from search engines, selling blog rolls and back links to other blogs and website can be a good business. You will be selling a spot to have a link to their website for a stipulated amount of money.

Sell Other’s Products:

You can become an affiliate and start selling other’s products in your blog. You will become an authorized online dealer for the manufacturer and will earn a commission amount for every product that is sold from your gateway. It is important to have a good PR for the blog and the product should have a good reputation so that you can earn a good amount of money in the long run. You can even mention about the products and write reviews which will have a backlink to popular websites like eBay or Amazon. If users reach those websites via your gateway and buy the products, you will get paid as well.

Market Your Own Services:

Blogs are considered to be an ideal venue to express yourself. It is a wonderful medium to interact with people having similar thoughts. It might open the doorway to millions of opportunities. You can start selling your products or services after getting in touch with lots of people.

Bring Your Old Clients To The Table:

If you are running a blog for your business purpose, it is a good idea to use the blog as an interactive medium. Business owners can always be in touch with their clients and take their feedback and surveys after selling the product. The after sales relationship can very well be maintained in such a fashion. Blogs will help you to deepen the existing relationship with the clients and will help you to bring repeated business to the table.

These methods are result oriented and have given the best of results in the past. However, these methods require patience and commitment from the blog owners to accomplish their goals.