A guide to visiting beaches when in Australia

Whether you live in Australia, or you are simply there on holiday, chances are that you will want to spend a little time on one of the beaches. As a visitor, you will probably want to get a car hire to satisfy that request, which will also leave you with the possibility of more than one beach to visit. Australia’s Gold Coast has been known for some of the best beaches in that part of the world, here are some of them.

All about privacy

A visit to a busy beach may not be the perfect choice for two people, in fact, they will more than likely want to look for the less crowded beaches. With your own transportation, you can plan a day at Mermaid or Salt Beach. Don’t forget to carry essentials with yourself, which includes a picnic basket, complete with refreshments.

Traveling with the entire family

It is easy to understand why some beaches like the main beach or Wavebreak Island is more popular with some visitors. These are the kind of beaches where your entire family will feel right at home, especially since the water is not too rough, amenities are plenty and the golden sand stretches as far as you need it to.

Nothing but action

There is nothing more enjoyable to a surfer than to come across a beach that has more waves than they have time to surf. A fun filled day on the gold coast, especially with your own car, would suggest that you can visit more than one wave filled beach. If you are serious about surfing, try Snapper Rocks, or Burleigh Heads.

An assortment to choose from

Of course, not everyone likes to surf, in fact, they may not even know how. The good thing about the Gold Coast beaches is that they can accommodate almost anyone. Whether it is Bilinga, Kirra, or even Tugun, these beaches have one thing in common, they welcome all swimmers who simply want to get the benefit of the salt water.

If you are planning to make a trip to Australia, you might want to find a hotel a little closer to the gold coast. Find the right company to provide yourselves with a car hire and make a list of the beaches that you prefer. Then again, you might be the spontaneous kind of person, who likes to change your mind at the last minute, but you can do that with your own car.