Beach Park: The most innovative water park in the world

The Beach Park, located in the city of Fortaleza in Brazil, is the largest playground in the world that packs a lot of entertainment in one place. Beach Park is one of those parks selected for the prize of developing new attractions, facilities, programs, services and operational concepts. Moreover, it was awarded by the International Waterpark Association (World Waterpark Association) due to recognizing of its newest attraction, the Acqua Circo.

In Fortaleza, Beach Park conquers families by its pools, slides, Spa, fine dining, and tours. For many families, it’s often chosen as exclusive options; where families can spend a great time with loads of fun. It’s a worldwide truth that there is no way to reconcile tastes, interests, and pleasures when children start demanding games, want swimming and mingling up with other children around, then parents have to sacrifice in form of planning vacation rather than watch long faces of children and choirs complaints of boredom. There are places that perfectly combine rest and fun for the whole family, Beach Park is one of those.

Beach Park, in white and beautiful surroundings of Fortaleza, northeast Brazil, is one of the most innovative parks on the planet. It’s offering a fun entertainment from babies to grandparents, has a resort with a wide range of sports, beaches that have little to envy to the Caribbean, spa areas, beautiful kids club, entertainment for all ages and international cuisine of the highest quality. Aquatic True strength, Beach Park is 170 square km where a water park with games, pools, and slides has deployed. It has the highest water slide in the world, Insano, 41 meters and Acqua Circo, where the little ones can cool off without the slightest risk. In addition, two 5star hotels, tennis courts, basketball and soccer, buggy rides, fitness center, saunas and other services for the convenience of families.

Beach Park constantly invests in innovation. Always focused on quality, the resort built, is with a strong system of water safety, based on the most rigid standards and validated by internationals periodicals audits Ellis & Associates, the chief company of U.S. water safety. This resort launched the largest playground in the world, Acqua Circo, which brings 131 games for children less than 12 years of age, in a space that fetches together 430 people simultaneously. Around the pool, there are chairs for parents to accompany their children with comfort in outlets of food and beverage. At the gateway to Acqua CircoDona Foca, as master of ceremonies, invited the public to take advantage of all the joy of the games. Beside the portal, a sculpture Hippo Fofura comes as a tightrope and keeps the climate of circus pleasant. In the area of this circus, there’s a panel box scenario, where visitors can take pictures. Acqua Circo is also considered the best children’s equipped park with high technical and technological edge quality view. All gaming floor is made of pebble – flex, an imported carpet that never before used in Brazil. The base is made of rubber from recycled tires, ensuring the smooth area for children safety. Beach Park is located on the beach of Porto das Dunas, 20 minutes from the city of Fortaleza, Brazil; it is one of the largest resorts in Latin America, annually attracts about 750 thousand tourists.