Wonderful Holiday Fun in Byron Bay

The Byron Bay is a wonderful place to visit. It’s a beautiful beachside town that is located in the highly popular tourist state of New South Wales. Lots of people come here when they want to retreat from their hectic lives.

Holiday Fun in Byron Bay

A holiday in Byron Bay can be exciting for those who like the beach. There are some nice resorts and lots of activities for the people who want some adventure. Tourists can go scuba diving or surfing when they decide to take a holiday here. It is also much easier for people to take in spectator events like dolphin or whale watching. Many people that come to Byron Bay like fact that this area has something for a small town feel even though more than 1 million people visit during the course of the year.

This popular place consists of less than 30,000 people, but the area is still big enough to accommodate a large number of people that travel here each year. There are a massive number of travelers that obtain a car hire to get around to certain restaurants and experience the Australian cuisine. Some people use bicycles and a public transport system, but most tourists find that the car hire is the most efficient means to getting around the city.

Lots of people that come to Byron Bay will have fun on the beach, but sometimes they may want to retreat from the sun. The Byron Lighthouse is one way that people do this. Most vacationers that have visited the lighthouse here will come back again because it is so amazing. Some travelers even go to the top and eat at the Byron Lighthouse cafe.

Treehouse Pizza is another spot that people love to go for a meal when they are visiting Byron Bay. There are also alternatives like the Railway Friendly Bar for people that want to take advantage of Australian specials like pepped Kangaroo fillet. It is a wonderful experience for anyone that is looking for a chance to try some exclusive Australian cuisine.

The Byron Bay area is such a nice place to visit because it has such great lodging. People that come to the area may decide to visit a resort and spa area like The Bryon. They can get some wonderful rooms with spacious bathrooms. Many Bryon hotels and resorts have a wonderful staff to make the visit pleasurable.