Why is my car insurance expensive?

Surely when it comes to car insurance, you will wonder why the costs are higher than those of older people paid. Find out why it is expensive.

Why is my car insurance expensive? The answer is incredibly simple: If this is the first time you buying a car with your name, companies won’t have a history if you’ve had accidents or not, hence they charge more.

The statistics of the insurance companies tell us that younger drivers have more accidents than older drivers; might be unfair to a good driver like you, but companies do not yet know you properly.

There is a file called SINCO in which companies introduce claims regarding drivers “fault.” If they’re no figures in this file since you’ve never had a car with your name, or have accidents with guilt, else you will be penalized by the companies, and therefore bear a price that is definitely increased. This will happen to end up with you at some point but there must be a “first time”.

If until now you were hiding in the policy of your father or mother, regardless of the problems it can harmful in case of disaster, you still do not be known by the companies. When you do preference regarding insurance matter and do take out insurance on your behalf, you’ll never have the problem of cost. And probably with a better car and more insurance coverage will further increase this cost.

Also, if you hire correctly your insurance will avoid problems in case of disaster. The Insurance Contract Law (Law 50/1980) in its art makes it clear that the company may reduce the compensation in proportion as it has stopped charging the rightful amount. It makes no sense to save a few Euros now; take out insurance in case of accident does not give you the coverage you ever expect. The companies also provide the policy in their Terms and Conditions that nobody reads.

In short: one day you have to pay for the cost to be the first time you take out insurance on your behalf. If you act now, you’ll save money in a couple of years; also you can avoid problems in case of disaster.