Top Tips To Save Money This Holiday Season

We all need a break from time to time, and what better escapism than flying somewhere completely new and exciting to explore? The only problem is that flying during the holiday seasons are the most expensive times to fly, and yet the only option for many people with children who have to wait until the schools break up.

So how can you book a holiday during peak season without it costing the earth? Here are some helpful tips to ensure you make great savings along the way without compromising on the quality of your trip.

Never Purchase Any Travel Needs From The Airport

Always make sure that you are fully prepared and have already purchased items such as adaptor plugs, travel cushions, and sunscreen before you get to the airport. These items will in most cases be triple the price than what you could have bought them for before you left- especially if you’re savvy enough to search online for the best price!

Bring Your Own Food On To The Plane

Although liquids are forbidden on to the plane, there are no regulations against food. So make sure you bring your own snacks for the flight and ensure you put them in your carry-on luggage. You can end up spending a lot on the plane, especially if you’re traveling with young children on long flights- and who wants to waste their spending money on overpriced crisps and sandwiches before you’ve even arrived at your destination?

Get Your Foreign Currency Before You Hit The Airport

Airport exchange rates are notoriously bad, so be sure to change your foreign currency beforehand. It’s worth checking online to see who offers the best rates, as you’d be surprised how much companies differ. Make sure you find out how much your bank will charge you to withdraw cash or pay by card when you’re abroad. It’s normally cheaper to withdraw from a cash machine than to pay by card for something so if you’re going out for dinner, make sure you go to a cash point before so you don’t get stung by card costs.

Use An Anonymous Hotel Booking

This might sound scary to those that don’t know about ‘Secret Hotels’ or anonymous hotel bookings, but it really is one of the most effective ways to save money on your holiday. This type of booking means that you can have a first class hotel room at a reduction of up to 40% on their usual rate. You’ll be able to see the star rating and read a little bit about the overall facilities and approximate location, but the hotel name and address is kept secret until your booking is confirmed (click here to learn more about New York deals).

Save On Weight With Your Luggage By Wearing It

Layer up for the plane journey, particularly with bigger items such as jumpers and coats- and don’t forget to fill your pockets up to create even more space in your bag. Airlines can charge excessive amounts of money if your luggage is over their minimum weight.

So wherever you decide to go for your next holiday-remember that with a bit of forward planning, you can create the trip of your dreams for a fraction of the price!