The Different Fields Of Law

If you are a student applying to law school, then it is important you understand the various fields the institute has to offer before you make a final decision. However, the institute may not always expect you to know about each branch before you pick a major. Nonetheless, it is important that you know about each field at least a little so you do not walk into the institute completely clueless.

Following are some of the major branches of law and their brief understanding. It is best for you to know the following information if you wish to stay ahead of everyone when you begin your education in law:

Corporate Law

This is also known as the business law that covers all branches and aspects of corporations and their administered authorities. A lawyer who is either studying or working in this field is required to settle various matters that often arise between one organization and another. Sometimes they also intervene when matters of acquiescence and copyrights arise.

Criminal Law

As the name suggests, a lawyer working in this field is required to take care of matters that directly involve large and small scale crimes. The decision and the role played by a lawyer, in this case, plays a vital role in deciding what punishment will be given to the criminal when the matter will be presented in court. The crimes can range from vandalism, murder, theft, homicide, robbery, identity theft and several other branches of criminal activity.

Environmental Law

There are several times in life when laymen forget the value and importance of a well-kept environment in their life. When the environment is taken for granted its care is not just ignored but relentlessly overlooked. As a result, several matters are brought to light that requires thorough reinforcement. Environmental lawyers ensure they are looking out for the environment when everyone else seems to be damaging it. They handle pollution, manage resources and carry out several such similar activities.

Health Law

A lot of people almost all over the world are promised health insurance. These lawyers come into play when people are being deprived of their rights to medical treatments and other similar matters.

Labor Law

Labor law is in reference to the employees who are not being given their basic rights by the companies they are working for. The lawyers ensure that the contracts signed between employers and employees have no loopholes and are negotiated with the assurance that both parties are being given their due rights.

Personal Injury Law

This is a lot like tort law. Whenever a criminal is carrying out an activity that directly affects a person, then a personal injury lawyer comes into play. The personal rights of an individual are defended.

Hence, whether you wish to specialize in a particular field or need to hire a lawyer to help, you must understand the various branches through which this diverse ideological functions. With a better understanding of the subject itself, you can make a well-informed decision without getting overwhelmed.