The best countries to enjoy the spring

Spring is a season with a temperate climate, ideal for being outdoors without having to suffer much, that you often oppressive summer heat or intense cold of winter. Your baggage turns lighter, find greater options to visit places, will be filled with crowds of flowers, occupying every square meter of surface. It’s a season of love, especially for romantic couples. Breaks near the coast, on mountains or even Buenos Aires, are great for keeping the active passion.

Spring is the season when landscapes turn prettier. Green sprout grows again on the trees and plants begin to produce flowers. The melted water rivers begin to revive in the mountain areas. The combinations of these variables stuff maximize travel pleasure and you always return with memorable experiences and photos. This weather is ideal for adventure lovers who like tourism and trekking or just simple walks in fresh air. Get ready to prepare your bags or luggage, and take your dream trip as we are going to share some best countries in the world to enjoy the spring-like never before.

 Caceres, Spain

For spring lovers, Caceres, Spain, the medieval city of Europe is the best place to enjoy. It’s situated among the fertile fields of Extremadura, a World Heritage Site. But if this is not enough, in spring, the valley near Jerte offers the best sceneries and turns the landscape into a fairy tale magical land. The cherry blossom is a celebration of odors in the delicate and fragile flowers that cover the soft place as if the snow is settled on the branches of trees and not melted, flavoring the environment pleasantly. Do not miss it.

Hallerbos, Belgium

Hallerbos is a forest in the Flemish Brabant (Belgium) which stains the bluish color of the bells sprouting everywhere at this time of year. Sure you can make a beautiful bouquet at this amazing place; each year this scenery attracts many lovers of wild hyacinths, always ready to enjoy this floral explosion during its short life.

Florence, Italy

Spring is perhaps the best time of year to discover the beautiful city of Florence. If you visit this beautiful city, spend your time on its amazing culture and cuisine. You will return refreshed. Before the tourist hordes arrive and start crowding here, you need to pack your bag.

Sognefjord, Norway

Stretching over 205 kilometers, the Sognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway and the third deepest in the world. When the snow melts, the incredible wildflowers of spring season begin growing in the sun. The landscape is worthy to capture a memorable photo.

Mount Fuji, Japan

In the spring season, this place looks like a fantasy land. The famous cherry blossom “hanami” is a tradition in the country of the Rising Sun and one of the best places to see is the Pagoda Chureitoiconic Mount Fuji. This explosion of color is taken as a celebration in all the streets of the country; festivals are held and enjoyments are made. It’s one of the most magical moments that is celebrated every year in Japan.

Northumberland, England

Despite the myth that it’s always raining in England, the sky is gray and mist queen in spring; fields turn into red color like blood. Lovely and vibrant poppies that are responsible for the rolling hills of the Northumberland stay green just for a few weeks.