Innovation Tower: The most spectacular building in Hong Kong

A few years ago, opened in Hong Kong one of the most spectacular as well as dazzling buildings of China; the Jockey Club Innovation Tower. It’s also simply known as Innovation Tower. This tower is a part of the facilities of the Polytechnic University of the former British colony. It has already become one of the major tourist attractions of the city due to its spectacular views. This most spectacular building of Hong Kong each year attracts many tourists around the world.

Most spectacular building of Hong Kong is Innovation Tower

The Innovation Tower was designed by the famous Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, after designing the MAXXI Museum in Rome, Guangzhou Opera de Puente of Sheikh Zayed in Dubai, etc.; these are just a few names of her works. One of the last buildings in Hong Kong contributed by a star architect is “Innovation Tower Jockey Club” which belongs to the Polytechnic University campus for students of the School of Design in the city of Hong Kong. It is easy to recognize who can be the architect of this awe-inspiring building, as Zaha Hadid.

The idea was to erect a building that would symbolize the development of Hong Kong. It’s one of the most stunning designed buildings in Asia. Aesthetically it is a fluid structure that gives the impression if seen from the street; it seems as the building is fluctuating and even that seems about to fall.

The tower houses the School of City Design (SD). Its name was given by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the institution that provided most of the multimillion funding required erecting up this incredible building.

Innovation Tower

The tower is located in the northwest corner of the campus, midway between King’s Garden and Whampoa, on an area of over 12,000 square meters, where they have built facilities for sports. Here studying and working more than 1,800 people, while hundreds of tourists are visiting through here every day.

The Jockey Club Tour not only welcomes over 1,800 students and staff but it also includes studios, laboratories, workshops, exhibition spaces and classrooms. Besides this architect Zaha Hadid has created a series of fluid spaces which are intended to promote dialogue between the different areas of study in the school.

Superficially the building does not make great contributions to the history of architecture. Since its entire facade consists of brise-soleil features at different heights, which protect it from the sun and give some solitude. The building compared to the rest of the city is rather short, and its undulating facade gives a certain charm when one approaches it. The facade appears well furnished. All concrete that is used outside the building look pretty and decent, and surrounding hillside are a pleasant surprise, including low curved of concrete.

This building is more interesting on the interior side, very flowing and dynamic, linear lighting elements that flow between false ceilings, floors, and stairs and give the whole space a very different pace than other stuff.

In my viewpoint, this building is worth seeing and it’s most spectacular building of Hong Kong.