How to Be More Attractive to Naturally Attract Women

Many say money makes the world go round but for others, especially men, women do make the world go round and that is why it’s very important for them to attract them.

A huge percentage of men don’t know how to naturally attract women and that is why they are very jealous of those who do as they seem to get more women than they can handle.

Although it’s true that few women are attracted to men with money, most are attracted by how you handle yourself in different circumstances, the way you think and your character in general. Having said that here are is how to naturally attract women.

First be cool and composed. Women don’t like fidgety so keep it together and don’t blubber as ladies like men who seem to be okay whether they are attracted to them at all and those who have an air of importance that is subtle but definitely there. Composed guys don’t read much into initial interactions and they might just pass it as casual acquaintances. Bear in mind that women are used to being chased around and a cool man will attract them as he is not at her throat.

Confidence is a huge turn on for women so work on building yours as it’s really hard to fake it. Having confidence shows that you are sure of yourself. Just like in business, investors like doing business with people who exude confidence and can hold their own. No woman wants a man who keeps second guessing himself.

Learn to be decisive. This might be difficult at first especially if you are a man who is not used to make decisions often but remember, women are naturally wired to follow their men and when you keep saying you don’t know what to do or where to go, they will leave you; after all you cannot be decisive. Understand that not all decisions you make will be great but learn to stand by them and take risks as they may pay great dividends which will be in form of women getting attracted to you.

Honesty and openness rank very high in women’s checklists so stop spinning lies and say they truth. It might be difficult given that you want to be liked but women are drawn to guys who don’t lie about themselves, state their opinions without fear and say their expectations. Women like to know that they can rely on a man to say tell them the truth even when it’s harsh.

A man with a plan is irresistible to any woman so if you don’t have one get down with it and get goals and objectives as well as how you will go about making them a reality. Men with plans are focused and know what needs to be done when. They won’t spend their time on the streets whistling at girls but instead are mature and responsible. A woman is attracted to such a man as they want security and to become part of something worthwhile.

Know yourself and realize what makes you tick this makes you certain of yourself and you are also able to personally develop yourself around and with the things that work for you. Knowing who you also allow you to respect others and they in turn respect you and you are able to treat other men and women who are mature and understand themselves like allies instead of adversaries. Women like men who can naturally command respect from their friends and wherever they go without bullying people.

Learn to be a man. There are certain traits that are synonymous with men and women will instantly be drawn to them. Men are known to be strong and independent and this is why cry baby repulse women so as much as it’s okay to have hurtful or painful moments don’t dwell on them move forward. Women are also attracted to brave men who will protect them in the case of danger; in short having some caveman tendencies usually draws women to you.

Lastly work on your physical appearance, hit the gym and get those abs and muscles as they will definitely have even the most immune woman looking your way and also be friendly and approachable so that the ladies can feel comfortable around you after all that is the use of learning all the above and having every woman scared of you.