How To Get Out Of A Staged Accident

Accidents may happen often. However, not all of them are unintentional or real; there may always be that you come across an accident that has been staged. There could be a number of reasons why easy money being the primary factor for someone to fake it. The real question is, how to manage and control damage if you have been dragged into a situation that was not even real and might cost you a lot.

How To Keep Your Guard High

In case of an accident, your immediate reaction to any accident should be noting down the three essential things of the car you have collided with:

  1. Number plate
  2. Make of the car
  3. Model of the car

If however, the incident does not involve a car but a person who claims to have been hurt, take down his name and any other details you can get your hands on.

Do not for an instance hesitate to capture the scenario in pictures including taking pictures of the claimant. Use your phone to good use for once.

If the incident took place in public, it would be great if you could gather a few eye witnesses. You may take down their details or if they are willing, make a video of their testimony right there and then with your phone.

Always be cautious to note reactions and note then down if you can. The exact moment everything is happening is when nobody really remembers anything so it’s important you pay attention to how the alleged victim reacts.

Types of Staged Scams You Could Come Across

There are many ways people can get money out of others by acting out a scene or staging an accident. The following are some of the most common ones.

Crashing into someone’s car from behind is a common occurrence and could very possibly be staged.

There are people who might blame you for hitting into their car in a parking lot when it may or may not have been empty when you parked it.

You could come across extreme situation although they are comparatively rare to come by. One such situation would be if you find a doctor at the site of the accident magically. It is preferable that you stick to your doctor in the long run and take down the details of the doctor at the accident scene.

If someone comes in front of your car out of nowhere especially in parking lots, there is a high probability that it was intentional.

Crashing into the car from the side may also be staged.

The above are possible ways in which the insurance companies will increase the cost of your insurance. However, played out accidents are not limited to the above. There can be many other cases. The trick is to follow your gut feeling. If you think something is amiss in the way things have happened, then probably there is. Just make sure you have a qualified attorney to deal with such matters.