Checklist for moving: Prepare the checklist when you move

When we plan to move, there are lots of things what we have in our mind. If you note all the points in black and white and act accordingly that can make the job easy. Well, I am going to share the checklist, and that is what you need.

Over 30 Days In Advance:

  • Notify your landlord or put your home for sale or rent.
  • Contact your insurance agent to change the coverage to your next residence.
  • Contact a mover company and state tax offices and the new and old to consult on outstanding tax liabilities and act to resolve them.

Two Weeks In Advance:

  • Notify lawyers and state officials to transfer or establish any alimony or child support.
  • Schedule and start cutting public services.

One Week Before:

  • Provide your new address to the US Postal Service, doctors and others who regularly bill you. Even if you have scheduled automatic bill payments for such companies, you must inform them about the change.
  • Contact your bank and financial advisor to inform the move or change.

When You Arrive:

  • Record the moving expenses for possible tax deductions.
  • Contact the Car insurance providers with your new driver’s license number.
  • Update your car registration and meet all applicable state-specific traffic.
  • Transfer medical records to new providers.
  • Register to vote. Sometimes you can do when you apply for your license.