Why a good insurance agent is critical while buying an insurance?

I’ve always thought that having a good insurance agent is critical, because the advice they give us, makes all the differences. A good insurance agent can help you in many things by the good advice. For example: If you are not sure what insurance you should buy, and you don’t have any idea about it. In that case, a good insurance agent can work as your guide.

I give you a situation and just think about it. You went to the insurance company and you bought an insurance when you had just a tiny idea about the insurance stuff, and you bought life insurance for your wife. After some years, you wife dies due to a heart attack. When you claim the insurance amount after her death, the insurance company tells you that death by heart attack was not covered, and you won’t get anything. How worse it could be?

Take another example:  You bought a car insurance online, and later when your car was damaged in an accident, you claimed the amount of the damage, but the insurance company replied that you can’t get anything because the damage was not covered and you can claim only when the car is stolen. It is a case in which a good insurance agent would have been able to help decisively, and who knows the necessary formalities of the insurance company and can move within it to find a solution. These are just two examples of how a good insurance agent could have made all the difference.

 A good insurance agent is critical for several reasons:

** They help us determine our needs. A good insurance agent will always listen to you carefully and understand what you really want, and then he will tell you the solution and the required insurance what you could buy, but your participation is mandatory here as well. You should always ask questions if you have any doubt and let him know what you exactly need.

** They help us to find those products (insurance) what is the best for you and available in the market with less hassle. That helps us find the best coverage not only in size but in cost benefit as well.

** It supports to ensure that our coverage is always effective, especially when we have chosen premium payment installments. You must be aware of any problems that exist in the collection. In the event of a mishap, they also help to claim the amount in the best possible way. A good insurance agent should accompany us throughout the process to receive a fair compensation within a reasonable time

A good insurance agent is a specialist, is a consultant who helps us find the ideal mechanisms to protect our heritage. In that sense, it is like our guardian.