How to get rid of a black eye

Black eyes are the result of an injury that is caused to the head or face. Once the injury occurs, the blood vessels are collapsed and the blood will gather around underneath the eye skin which subsequently lead to dark color. That is the reason why this symptom is called the black eye.

In fact, the eye is not injured, but it is the tissues around the eye are damaged therefore it looks darker. And because it is damaged tissues, it can self – recover. However, it can cause a misunderstanding with family troubles and disfigure which lead to unattractive appearances especially women.

Symptoms of a Black Eye

The symptoms of a black eye are quite apparent which include dark color around the eye, swelling, pain, and difficulty in opening eyes. Sometimes, the matter becomes worse when you experience headaches and vomiting as well.

What are causes of a black eye?

The causes of the black eye may vary from this case to another case. However, the most apparent and common case is that getting punched in the face, nose or eye will result in the black eye. Plus, head injury can lead to the black eye as well. Or else, plastic surgery can cause black eyes too. A black eye will fade away on its own, yet there are times that we cannot rely all on the natural process. So take a look at below remedies to get rid of black eye as soon as possible.

1. Fresh Raw Potato

Cut those fresh potatoes into small pieces and gently apply them on your wound to get rid of the black eye. To attain the best outcomes and reduce swelling significantly, you are required to leave the raw potatoes on your affected area for about 20 minutes. Or else, you can adopt sliced potatoes instead of crushed potatoes because they will offer you similar results.

2. Cold Tea Bags

To reduce the pain as well as lowering the inflammation caused by the black eye, you can put tea bags into the refrigerator for several hours before applying it on the affected area. The tannins substance found in tea can significantly remove the dark color of the wound. You can repeat the process for several times a day until you completely recover from it.

3. Pineapple

It may seem a bit weird when pineapple can be used to treat the black eye. But seriously, this tasty and juicy fruit possess wonderful properties that are powerful weapons to speed up the recovery stage. You may want to drink pineapple juice but in fact, you can gently apply the grated pineapple on the affected area as well to eliminate the dark color of your eyes.

4. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is not only a good vegetable to pamper your skin but it also works as an incredible therapy for your black eye. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is able to lighten up the skin and avoid the aging process. Plus, those helpful cucumber slices will offer us a huge soothing relief and it can reduce the inflammation caused by the injured eye. So give it a try to speed up the healing process and recover faster from the injury.

5. Arnica

Do you know that one of the most effective treatments for trauma is arnica? You are recommended to take up this remedy as soon as possible after the injury to acquire the best outcomes since it is able to heal the muscles and tissues. You can choose to consume arnica directly in a supplement form or you can gently apply some arnica oil on the wound for a few times per day to recover from the injury.