From Moscow to Paris, five best bars/restaurants to tour Europe

All the bars’ taste is so different. If you visit in one of the bars or restaurants scattered around the old continent you will find a completely different environment. It’s hard to resist the magic charm exercised over about the decor and atmosphere of these bars, which leads to imagination. In Moscow, we found a forest that looks like a bar, and in Romania, a restaurant is available with healthy food, with doors and windows salvaged from demolished warehouses. It’s what you have to travel: you never know what awaiting you around a corner.

Café April in Moscow

We can discuss about Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, but this seems far from the greenest on the planet bar, and to top, it has a subtle Japanese touch (also in the kitchen) that raise it further to these altars, and the top is called April, besides, it’s not just a restaurant. Its architectural ingenuity known as ‘bio’, which opens on three levels; one is designed by Ryntovt, here you can find a cinema, theater concerts and a long etcetera.

Location: 29 B. Spasskaya Street (Moscow)

Le Germain in Paris

It is on the Left Bank, in the galleries of the rue de Seine, Buci market, Odeon cinemas and the boutiques of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The temptation of this crossroads is also indoors, where the colors have brought by the architect and interior designer India Mahdavi, almost dazzle, loudly proclaim difference and extravagance, especially on the face of the great statue (in yellow) by artist Xavier Veilhan, pure provocation. More because it is not an art center but use a brasserie, which also has, incidentally, cocktail pool table. Here you can find Delacroix Museum, the river, the Luxembourg Gardens and the library.

Location: 25 rue de Buci (Paris)

Kook, in Olgiata (Italy)

This osteria-pizzeria is traditional and modern at the time, which is almost in the Rome of the Caesars, has that retro aesthetic that has gained much ground in recent times and working out in Chester sofas, vintage tiles and has a rustic touch. If you wonder who or who have created this environment as Kook, the answer is Noses Architects and Tuscany.

Location: Cassia 2400, Olgiata (Lazio, Italy)

Aubergine, in Bucharest (Romania)

When Corvin Cristian designed it in the image and found a better likeness of the world; this ‘dramatic’ restaurant as the theater was called Bon and boasted of being a hot French bistro in the cold Bucharest. Now plays another role -the Aubergine and salad food, but remains the same: two hundred doors, windows and shutters recovered from Transylvania, Austria and Hungary staging, i.e., lining the walls of the bar. It’s a restaurant, not to be missed.

Location: Strada Smârdan 33 (Bucharest)

Penang, London

One more stop on the international gastronomic journey that is always the Thames. This time you will be alighted in the kitchen of Malaysia in Penang, which is not only surprising and eclectic in almost squeaky decoration, but in the kitchen, where the mixture is available with hot cultures like Indian, Chinese, and especially, Malaysia, inspired by the flavors of its street markets. Here delicious dishes are offered to share like grilled or steamed, and many salads. To enter here almost everyone has to put sunglasses.

Location: Southern Terrace, Westfield White City (London)