Crucial tips that manager needs to consider when hiring a worker

Numerous managers face issues regarding skills, experience or knowledge after hiring a worker. It is generally known that recruitment entails obligations to pay wages, monthly subscription costs of Social Security and Finance quarterly income of payroll withholdings.


Before entering into a contract, Manager should take into account certain aspects that can help him choose the method that best suits the company, also saving labor costs.

1. First of all, correct evaluation of the position; appoint only those workers who truly deserve the seats; analyze correctly about their roles and what their mission.

2. Then check if it is possible whether the workers are interested in their given work or post and with a subsidized contract or a scholarship. We list the main bonuses that are applicable in the present day:

* Hiring part-time linking formative youth under 30 registered at the Employment Office.

* Permanent contracts for under 30 by self-employed and micro-businesses registered in the employment office.

* Recruitment of over 45 fewer than young.

* Recruitment in practice for 30 or under 35 with disabilities.

* Contract “first youth employment“, temporal, for 6 months, under 30 unemployed, with incentives to transformation into indefinitely.

* Indefinite Contract of workers from a temp agency.

* Indefinite full or partial depending on the program to promote employment (flat fee of 100 Euros) Recruitment time.

3. Apart from the bonuses and the contributions to Social Security that we have listed, accounting to pay less in the TC, also check if there are any existing grants that they may benefit. Keep in mind that both bonuses and subsidies do not apply to contracts for second-degree relatives of inbreeding.

4. Recruitment also offers tax incentives, i.e. deductions that allow paying less in income tax. You can mention the deduction of $ 3,000 if the first contract is made with less than 30 years.

5. Also, recruitment subsidies offer private entities.

Finally, for hiring a worker, the manager should be forced to prepare a plan of Occupational Hazards and payment of accident insurance for the employee, if so prescribed by the collective agreement to which employees are attached.