Countries with the hot weather where you shouldn’t plan your summer trip

Are you planning your summer holidays? Select the dates and places carefully if you don’t want to be bitter in addition to ruin in your relaxing days. Find out carefully when the beaches of the Mediterranean turn hot, where it is terribly scorching and how to avoid a hurricane during the trip. Discover the countries where you better should not go on vacation in the summer. Here, we will discuss a list with you from Egypt to the beaches of Italy; because we want you to spend your trip pleasantly and return home with a lasting memory of your vacations.

In summer, the Middle Eastern countries go through a difficult time. Let’s have a review of some hot countries;


From June to August we find two different weather conditions in Egypt. One is the coast, where the climate is more temperate. The second is the continental Egypt where temperatures exceed 40 degrees. Traveling during these months to Luxor or Aswan, or even taking a stroll through the dusty streets of Cairo, can be a challenge. In addition, travel to remote places like the desert of Farafra is virtually impossible.

So if you’re looking for a holiday of seaside combines with the sun, Sharm-el-Sheikh can be a good idea to go to Egypt in summer.

United Arab Emirates

Summer is the worst season visiting Dubai. In July and August, the temperatures can reach 49 degrees. And the sea temperature in summer quietly exceeds 30 degrees, even can reach 37 in August. Swimming in salt water under such hot conditions as may be like immersing yourself in boiling water.

Remember that UV radiations are strong during the summer months in Dubai.


The desert of Wadi Rum and the ancient city of Petra are the main reasons for many travelers to visit Jordan. To enjoy these places need to walk long far. And in summer, with temperatures around 40 degrees may be strenuous and dangerous for your health.

The climate of Amman is usually milder but a couple of years ago in August had two weeks with more than 45 degrees. And the only way to survive these climatic conditions is an air conditioner.


The rains can ruin your summer trip in central India. The monsoon season in Southeast Asia is usually quite bearable, but in India can be a total disaster. Rains can become so intense that impossible to find roads cleared.

For example, the longer summer rains cause floods in the tourist city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. In addition, during the monsoon rivers can overflow and this affects the trips to popular cities that are on the banks of GangesRishikesh, and Varanasi.


Within time, Italy has become a perfect destination to visit in summer. The only time you can have problems is around the middle of August. The 15 August is the Ferragosto holiday period when most Italians take vacations.

As a result, major cities are abandoned and semi-popular destinations are brimmed with native. On contrary, it is a good opportunity to explore the Italian cities without having to suffer such multitudes. Just do not step on the famous beaches during the week around August 15.

The Caribbean

The peak of the hurricane season in the Caribbean is in August and September. Affect the countries ranging from Mexico and Cuba to Curacao and the island of Grenada. According to statistics, in this period there happen 10 to 12 storms when winds reach 60 miles per hour or even wind speeds reach of 120 km / h. A single hurricane could become a real disaster. However, it’s not a good choice during summer.


Obviously, Ramadan may affect your trip in Muslim countries, but can’t affect if you are in less obvious places like MalaysiaIndiaIndonesia (including Bali) and even a part of Thailand. So, avoid planning your trip to Muslim countries during Ramadan.

Above mentioned details are based on the overall experience what you might face if you visit summer because when we visit a country we love to visit the all hot spots, but there are some hill stations as well that are visited especially in summer because of its cold weather. For example: By any chance, if you visit India in summer, you must visit Shimla, Nainital, Manali, Darjeeling, Gulmarg, Leh, Gangtok, Nandi Hills, and there are many more.