This February celebrate your “Love Day” in Las Vegas on the cheap

Everyone desires to celebrate its “Love Day” in some extraordinary way, in a city full of admiring decoration, illumination as well as romance in the air. Here’s I’m going to share a romantic, luxury and hot spot with all such couples who want their love trip on the cheap. You must be in awe; “Luxury spot and on budget”, Yes! It’s true; you can get done your dreams by following some budget tips. You don’t need to beat your brain out as I’m going to tell you the ways, how you can spend your holidays on the budget in a luxury place like Las Vegas. You don’t need to have tons of money spending pleasing time in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is an interesting and busiest city full of activities around the year. This city with dry and sunny climate is pretty crowded throughout the year. Wow, February, the month (means a romantic getaway) is best seasons for romantic couples tripping as they can wander into surrounding desert tangling each other’s fingers in relaxing way.

For accommodation in an arid region like Las Vegas, always choose hotel off the Strip or shady places in town, if you pick up a hotel on the Strip, beyond doubt will put the burden on your wallet. Off Strip, you will find plenty of sites to stay on the cheap. Hotel “Circus Circus” can be a good option. But if you really interested to stay on the Strip, can also get some lower priced hotels such as Stratosphere and Sahara. Don’t spend much time in a room, just use for sleeping purpose, the rest of the day spend dwelling city. In this way, you will have loads of options to stay on the cheap. Camping is also a good and cheap option if you want to spend plenty of time in the room.

Las Vegas can also be a perfect place for cheap eats. You can eat a lot in buffet form. Arizona Charlies Decatur and Boulder Highway are the cheap buffets, offer a meal for lowest prices. Two more buffets deal with cheapest are located on opposite direction, Fiesta Henderson on the west while Rancho on the east side. You should also visit some fast food chains for a cheap meal. In ‘N’ Out Burger”, offer burger for reasonable prices. There are numerous greasy spoons in Las Vegas that offer late-night after-hours, the cheapest meal for pennies   Carry on some eating stuff in your baggage while leaving your hometown.

As far as entertainment is concerned, it’s not expensive, you even can get it for free. You can experience Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, the spectacular view just for $12- $16. Fountains of Bellagio, World’s Largest Permanent Circus, Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo, Bellagio Conservatory and Las Vegas Sign ( an iconic symbol of Las Vegas) are free places to capture pleasing moments in Las Vegas. You can enjoy Shrimp Cocktail at Golden Gate just for $3. If you want to go from watching a show in Las Vegas, always get half-price tickets. The Bellagio’s nightly water show, as well as Treasure Island’s show, are worth seeing and are offered for free. The MGM Grand has a splendid amusement exhibit.

Always use public transportation as it’s run 24 hours. You can also share taxis with people having the same destination and can save on the fare. You should take advantage of the Strip’s free trams.

By following these tips, you can plan low-cost vacations in Las Vegas. A bit of advance planning, as well as mindful spending, can make your “Love Day” trip fabulous and memorable in a Luxurious city.