Car maintenance mistakes: 4 Dumb things never to do

Some people do some pretty dumb things with their cars. In this article, we will discuss the most common car maintenance mistakes which you should never do to your car.

1. Never jump-start your car backward

If you look at your car battery you’ll see one side has a + sign on the other side has a – sign on it. SO when you jump start a car, get the red cable on Jump Start Car Viagra positive terminal of the external battery and black on the negative terminal. Connect another end of red to the positive terminal of your car battery and black to the negative terminal. Sometimes it’s easy to tell which terminal of your car battery is positive because it has a big + sign. Similarly negative terminal has – sign. But many car batteries have the markings under the battery terminal. If battery terminal signs are not visible and if you don’t know which is which, remove the battery terminals out of the way so you can see which is + and what is –. If the battery is connected in the wrong way, it can lead to serious electrical problems in your car. So never jump-start a car backward. It only takes a few seconds to check and put the positive on the positive and negative on the negative.

2. Do not try to start the a when the fuel tank is empty

If the car is running out of gas put some gas in. Don’t try to start a car that’s run out of gas and here’s why:

If gas gauge is on empty and the car won’t start, stop it right there because if you keep cranking the engine with a car out of gas, the fuel pump will suck air and burn itself up. The gasoline lubricates the bearings in the electric pump and if you run out of gas it sucks air and it will burn.

If the fuel pump is burnt, pull up the gas tank and change the pump assembly and some of these costs hundreds of dollars. Due to this reason, new cars have fuel pumps inside the gas tank

3. Not changing the oil frequently enough

There are lots of cases of engine burning because the oil has not been changed on time. In modern vehicles, it is more important to change the oil frequently or on time because they have VVT engines. VVT (Variable Valve Timing) engines have a tiny hole in it and oil has to go through it. If something clogs up there, it needs lots of effort and dollars fixing them. In case of conventional motor oil, it needs to be filtered and changed every three or four thousand miles. The car manual may suggest longer periods but experience has shown that if the oil is changed according to the above mentioned time, engine problems are almost nullified. However, if you are one of those people who forget to change the oil, fully synthetic oil is recommended as it needs to be changed after every seven or eight thousand miles.

4. Failure to change the coolant

Coolant is frequently used and should be changed regularly. Modern engines have lots of aluminum parts. Although they don’t rust it but corrodes very badly if the anti-corrosion part of antifreeze breakdown. Therefore it’s very important to change antifreeze coolant on time. In case of conventional antifreeze, it should be changed once every three years. Extended life antifreeze can be changed after every 5 years but don’t forget to change it.