An adventurous way: Cruise to “Falkland Islands”

We are going to explore an island, full of adventures, where nature still exists, and an island, that inspires you. So, get ready to choose it for your upcoming holidays or vacations. Here you will find the unpolluted environment, amazing wildlife, delicate flowers, stunning blue skies, fantastic ice and sand coasts,  flawless horizons and the beauty of nature. It’s a superb place to loosen up, relax and unwind. East, West Falkland and many other small islands joined together and created the Falkland Islands. “Stanley” is the capital of Falkland Islands. Stanley is a fantabulous town with hills, water lakes, and colorful buildings. Let me take you through to this place to experience all that the Falkland Islands have.

Where to stay

Hotels, Lodges, and camping are available for vacationers and visitors in the Falkland Islands.  For Camping, landowner’s permission may be required. Here are some suggestions.

Darwin House, located in Darwin, East Falkland, is a charming location for staying with wonderful water view. The food is good here.

Sea Lion Lodge, located in Sea Lion Island, has a friendly and helping staff. Here, you can experience wildlife closely. It’s so fabulous to watch them. Food is delicious here.

Malvina House Hotel, located on Ross Road, Stanley, East Falkland, with modern and large rooms. Food is delicious with a variety of dishes. Staffs are welcoming and helpful here.

The Waterfront Hotel, located on Ross Road, Stanley, East Falkland, and 45 minutes away from Stanley airport. It’s a comfortable hotel with delicious food. The prices are reasonable.

Pebble Island Lodge, Bennett House, Shorty’s Motel, Kay’s B & B, Lookout Lodge and  Lafone House are also comfortable hotels with a warm welcome.

Dining Out

You will find traditional British cuisine in Falkland, some Spanish meal also available like Milanese and Casual. At some places, home cooked food including cakes and cookies are also available. It’s famous for its lamb, mutton and beef meals. There’re limited numbers of dining out.

Darwin House, Goose Green Galley Cafe’ offers snacks, cakes, cookies and much more baking stuff. Malvina House Hotel is famous for seafood dishes. Michele’s Cafe offers finest chips and fish. West Store Cafe’ and Woodbine Cafe’ offer burgers, Pizzas and Pies etc. TheWestStore Coffee shop is a coffee shop in a departmental store, offers tasty coffee, cakes, sandwiches, and cookies.


Nightlife in this coldest place is amazing and colorful. Deano’s bar, located on John Street, Stanley, East Falkland, offers a fantastic drink. It’s a great pub also deals with fish, chips, and hamburgers.

Victory Bar, located at Philomel Street, Stanley, East Falkland, offers fish, steak, beer/wine etc. It’s a great pub with big warm fire and varieties of beer.

Attractions and Sights

There are many attractions to see, and activities to do in the Falkland Islands. Visiting this place is a great way to explore and discover heritage, culture, and tradition. The biggest attractions are archipelago’s wildlife, white ice and sand beaches and historical combat zones. Here are some suggestions what you really need to see and do.

Christ Church Cathedral is beautiful landmark made up of massive bricks and stones, attractive stained-glass windows and metal roof. It’s bright and brilliantly painted.

Britannia House, carefully crafted, is an amazing museum with the social and natural history of Falkland.

Carcass Island, located in West Falkland, is the most visiting place. There are many varieties of Flora, Fauna and an amazing range of wildlife including penguins and sea elephants.

Volunteer point, located in East Falkland, is a great place with gorgeous weather and a beach. The beach is amazingly beautiful with plenty of penguins,

1982 Liberation Memorial, located on Ross Road, Stanley, East Falkland, is a simple, amazing and dignified memorial. Those people really deserve it who gave their lives in that freedom.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Mount Longdon, Whalebone Arch, Bluff Cove Lagoon and Gapsy Cove are also remarkable places to visit.

Activities and Entertainment

The Falkland Islands are the most entertaining and joyful place. Music Bands make live performances. Traditional dancing is the popular and leasing activity in Falkland. Various dancing events held here throughout the year. There are fantastic theatres where Drama, Comedy, and Crime shows held once or twice a year.

New Year ‘s Eve is the most celebrating and enjoying the event. Camp Sports Time held in February, is a family gathering occasion. Horse riding and Dog Trials are annual events. Liberation day, Falkland day, May Ball and Halloween are most celebrating, colorful events in Falkland.

The Stanley Leisure Centre, located at the top of Reservoir Road, comprises an indoor heated swimming pool, fitness, and squash club. You can benefit from many sports here.

You can also enjoy fishing with a knowledgeable guide at some permitted place in Falkland. WarrahRiver, Chartres River, San Carlos River, Murrell River and Herbert stream are some remarkable places where you can enjoy fishing. The best season for fishing is, from 1st September to 30th of April because a greater number of fish are available during this period.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy shooting, Hiking and golfing.


Shopping is limited in Falkland, and mainly stores situated in Stanley. There are hand-made beautifully crafted items are available at gift shops. Amazing opaque pebbles made jewelry, soft Falkland woolen garments and knitting also available at stores. The Boathouse Gallery, Stanley Growers, Capstan Gift Shop, FIC electric department, Falkland Collectibles, the POD gift shop, and West store Complex, are famous for shopping.

When to visit

The best time to visit the Falkland Islands is from September until April because it is a time when the temperature is ideal for vacationers.

Once you visit this place, I hope will plan to visit again for the next vacation.