The 23 convictions that you must get rid of

To achieve a high self-confidence, all we have to do is; remove the convictions limiting that have formed in our mind as well as the negative conditioning that we had planned for years. The importance of the removal process is to break the chains that we have with the past and live completely in the present.

Many of our beliefs were formed from mistakes, failures, and setbacks in our journey towards the goals we have forged. When these convictions are fixed in our minds, it begins to represent a major obstacle to exploiting opportunities that present themselves every day.

But when these beliefs are eradicated from your mind, your behavior changes. You feel better, you walk faster, your posture and your voice gains greater confidence and start taking action, an action that generates tangible results in achieving your goals. How to identify those beliefs and how to eradicate it? Morty Lefkoe has identified at least 19 convictions and 4 mental conditions that are common in most people. Imagine what your life would be if you could identify and eliminate following mental obstacles that may have formed as convictions.

1. Making mistakes and failing is bad.

2. I’m not good enough.

3. It is difficult to change.

4. I’m not important.

5. What makes me important is to make people think good about me.

6. Nothing I do is good enough.

7. I am not able to do it.

8. I am not competent to this task.

9. I’m not the right person.

10. If I make a mistake or fail I’ll no longer be accepted.

11. I’m a failure.

12. I’m a fool.

13. Not worth it.

14. I’ll never get what I want.

15. I have no power, I am helpless.

16. People do not care what I say.

17. What I say is not important.

18. It is dangerous to put people I care (something bad can happen).

19. What makes me valuable or important is doing things perfectly.

20. Fears, associated with criticism and ridicule.

21. Fears, associated with not meeting expectations.

22. Fears, associated with people watching.

23. Fears, associated with social rejection.

You do not have to be a slave to your convictions. What happens when you delete these convictions from your lives? You’ll be unstoppable. Identify the beliefs that are holding you back and remove them. These events are playing with your life and career, remove them to embrace success.