10 barely credible ideas to make money with little investment

In this new article I want to share 10 ideas to make money with little investment, considering that many people crave such kind of business, where we do not invest too much money, which is the main obstacle to carry out ideas.

Actually if you can make money investing very little capital or at times nothing, but it’s also true that if you start such businesses with lack of money, require time and dedication to see good results.

Some ideas to make money with little investment to be exhibited continued to develop through the Internet, since today’s Internet business are mostly those that offer this type of opportunity.

The ideas you’ll meet here are 100% effective and proven.

Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning, these ideas need to be worked with a lot of discipline. Remember that nothing is easy, because if it were, everyone would make it, and we know that not all do.

1- Buy and sell second hand goods: This can be considered a business first with second hand stuff. The truth can be a very interesting deal if you work in the right way, but will not make you a millionaire, you allow at least earn extra money.

2- Upload videos to YouTube: This is a new way to make money online, and best of all; it’s totally free. There are cases where young people started uploading videos to YouTube as a form of entertainment, now live financially from this activity.

3- Selling online products: It’s another business that is done online, here you can earn extra money selling things you no longer use, or you can also use it as an additional sales channel for any business you have established.

4- Vending machines: This is a business that requires very little investment, and gives you especially easy time, as these machines work and generate money for you automatically.

5- Import Chinese products: Now with an import Internet has become as easy as a few clicks and your product reaches the comfort of your home. Besides that imports you make in this way do not require a minimum order (mostly), you can order up one piece without you having to pay anything for the journey, and thus you can earn extra or more money, due to the low price you offer to Chinese suppliers.

6- Make Money With Facebook: Social networks today not only serve to chat with friends, you can also get some dollars if you work properly. For example on Facebook, people have the famous fanpages to which they can bring returns in different ways.

7- Rent rooms to tourists: If your house you count with 1 or 2 vacant rooms, there is the option of renting to tourists for short periods of time and charging it you can make per day, but of course at a lower price than would in a hotel, because that would be your competitive advantage and attraction for tourists decide to stay at home. If you make this activity, would be good for tourists who go getting buzzed a written recommendation. One way to advertise this service may be through the classified pages.

8- Cleaning and Repair: Mainly what to work here is knowledge, and for this there are many courses that can help. Then you must equip yourself with the necessary material for the job. The most important thing is to let you know and gain customers happy you call occasionally even for cleaning their electronics.

9- Sell Products Catalog: With the rise of multilevel companies offering their products through catalogs, many housewives who have chosen this type of work that allows them to generate extra income. The important thing here (as almost anything) is to be a good seller because more sales more profits, plus the opportunity to join others to your network of members that generate commissions for you.

10- Paint Houses: Well, painting is not science but some say yes, but with a little practice you can offer this service to people who want above all to renew the facade home.

Anyway, as you can see there are ways to make money without having to make a large investment and even no investment more than the knowledge to perform such work.